Best Tanning Goggles

Are you a frequent spa visitor? Though a salon may provide goggles for your tanning sessions, buying your own pair is wise. The best tanning goggles gives your eyes protection against radiation. Today, we will discuss not only some of the best tanning goggles but also why they are important. We will also guide you … Read more

Best Self-Tanner for Pregnancy

The main question for pregnant ladies is weather they can use self tanner. The general answer is yes, self tanner is safe to use even when pregnant. However, we would recommend you to use the one that are made organically and use natural incredients to be extra precautis. Note: Dont take this article as an … Read more

Best Paraben Free Self Tanner

There are many self-tanning products in the market today. Instead of exposing yourself to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, you can use the best paraben-free self-tanner to get a beautiful glow. There is a range of self-tanning lotions that offer different finishes depending on your skin type and the level of bronze you’re … Read more