Best Tanning Goggles

Are you a frequent spa visitor? Though a salon may provide goggles for your tanning sessions, buying your own pair is wise. The best tanning goggles gives your eyes protection against radiation.

Today, we will discuss not only some of the best tanning goggles but also why they are important. We will also guide you on choosing an ideal pair and discuss how to use these goggles. 

List of The best Tanning Goggles

Tanning Goggles - 12-Pack Flexible Super Sunnies Assorted Colors - UV Eye Protection
Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair
Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs
Tanning Goggles - 12-Pack Flexible Super Sunnies Assorted Colors - UV Eye Protection
Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair
Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs
Tanning Goggles - 12-Pack Flexible Super Sunnies Assorted Colors - UV Eye Protection
Tanning Goggles - 12-Pack Flexible Super Sunnies Assorted Colors - UV Eye Protection
Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair
Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair
Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs
Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs
  1. Super sunnies
Tanning Goggles - 12-Pack Flexible Super Sunnies Assorted Colors - UV Eye Protection
  • Super Sunnies Evo Eyeshields feature a flexible high-rise nose bridge to eliminate tan lines and an...
  • Blocks over 99.9% of the UV-B rays and over 99% of UVA rays while allowing vision
  • Specially designed green lenses offer maximum protection for high pressure and standard UV tanning,...

If you like going with popular options, you will not miss out on these tanning goggles. They are FDA approved and designed to be user-friendly.

They come in the form of a 12 pack in which you get different colors for the brand. Such diversity allows you to choose pairs that suit your preference. The package includes four pairs of goggles of each color. Since the colors are bright, you can easily find your goggles even if you stash them deep in your bag.

Super sunnies goggles can block UVA and UVB rays by 99%. They are also designed with a high rise bridge so that you don’t develop any tan lines across your nose. They also come in a slim design to prevent white patches around your eyes.

The elastic headband delievers a comfortable fit. The green lenses offers maxiumu protection to your eyes from harmful rays.

Sadly, the goggles come with detachable bands instead of permanent ones. It is easy to misplace the bands.


  • Incredible value for money
  • They contain elastic bands to secure them tightly


  • They come in small sizes

2) Peepers Sunbed

Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair
  • For indoor or outdoor tanning.
  • Block the UV not your personality!!!
  • Peepers eyewear is uniquely designed to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light

Do you prefer goggles that have dull shades? Choose this brand that comes in a great design and does not have bright tones. A pack contains six pairs of goggles so that you always have another pair in case you lose one. They also come with a high rise bridge to prevent tan lines on the nose.

The best tanning goggles should feel soft as you use them. That is why the manufacturer of this pair makes them as comfortable as possible for you to enjoy the fitting. You also get a strap that you can slot into the sides of your goggles.

You can also choose different colors for your pair since they are available in charcoal, red, black and navy. The small size of the goggles may be advantageous in that they prevent large white patches around your eyes.

Unfortunately, the strap is not sturdy enough since it keeps on slipping out.


  • They come in a six-pack
  • Great design
  • Prevent the formation of tan lines


  • Since the lenses are light, they are not impenetrable

3) Wink ease

Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs
  • 50 Pack of Wink Ease singles in resealable bag.
  • 100% UVA and UVB block
  • Easy See-through design

Experience a different style of eye tanning protection by choosing Wink ease. These may look like gold stickers, but they are designed with UVB and UVA blocking material. Unlike standard tanning goggles, these are stuck over the eyes.

You have to fold them into the shape of a cone before trying to stick them. They only cover the eye and the sensitive region surrounding your eyes. The manufacturer designs them with a safe skin adhesive which makes them remain attached to the face without needing any straps.

You can, therefore walk or lie down with them comfortably without falling. They offer excellent protection against intense rays. You can use them for indoor tanning. The manufacturer complies with the FDA regulations in making these tanning goggles.

Sadly, these goggles lack a high rise nose bridge. You may get tan lines on the nose while using this pair.


  • They are easy to store
  • Are disposable
  • A single pack contains 50 singles
  • User-friendly


  • If you have an oily skin type, the adhesive may not stick accordingly

4) IGoggles Sunbed

No products found.

This is a sleek and minimal pair of goggles that is designed for outdoor and indoor UV protection. They come with contoured eye patches as well as an adjustable string that you can use to secure them to your face.

The best tanning goggles prioritize on safety, and iGoggles Sunbed provides this and much more. They protect your eyes from different rays that can harm your eyes. Though they may not look as trendy as other brands, they are useful.

Even though they don’t come with a high rise nose bridge, the design prevents you from developing major tan lines. They come in a dark black color that enables them to offer maximum protection. If you are a frequent tanner, you can use these goggles to keep your eyes safe.

Unfortunately, you may not get a variety of colors to choose from.


  • A pack contains 12 pairs
  • They come in a sleek design
  • They are versatile
  • FDA approved


  • You may develop tan lines on the nose

5) Sunsets goggle protection

No products found.

Unlike most of the tanning goggles that come with a string, Sunsets goggle protection lacks this feature. You can only use them while laying down on a tanning bed. The goggles are comfortable to use as long as you reduce your movements during tanning.

They are therefore designed specifically for horizontal tanning. Ensure you have a designated bag to store them after use and prevent them from getting misplaced. Their design makes them more of eye patches rather than eye goggles.

The goggles come in different colors such as green, red, purple, and blue.  They however lack a nose bridge.


  • They are comfortable to use while laying down


  • They do not come in a multipack
  • You cannot use it while moving around or standing
  • They are easy to lose

A guide to helping you find the best tanning goggles

Before we guide you on how you can get the best goggles to use when tanning, we have to mention some few basics. If you have been wondering if tanning beds are safe, this information should help. The safety of tanning beds is a debatable topic. Though they help you get a dark glowing skin, they expose you to harmful rays.

Like the sun, a tanning bed produces UV rays which can raise the risks of developing skin cancer. The use of tanning beds also has other side effects, such as premature aging and eye problems. You can reduce such risks by using the right products such as tanning lotions and the best tanning goggles.

Tanning goggles can keep your eyes safe from UV light, which can cause serious harm. Before I decided to buy tanning goggles, I used to wonder why I cannot just close my eyes during tanning. I later learned that the eyelids could allow the penetration of UV light, giving me no protection.

Many people raise a lot of questions regarding tanning goggles. Some ask if it is mandatory to use them as you use a tanning bed while others wonder if you should open or close the eyes during tanning. If you have such concerns, this should help. 

Closing your eyes during tanning instead of wearing goggles can lead to conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, or photokeratitis. Experts reveal that the lack of using tanning goggles with frequent tanning can lead to blindness.

As long as you have the goggles on, you can open your eyes during the session. Since tanning goggles are reusable, they help you save. You only need to clean them with some water and soap after tanning and allow them to dry.

What you should look for as you choose tanning goggles

You may think that choosing tanning goggles is basic since you probably will use them for a short duration. Choosing the wrong one, however, can give you a bad tanning experience. Wearing a pair that is not right for your eyes can be quite frustrating.

Before buying tanning goggles, have your first session in a spa. This allows you to try different brands so that when you are ready to buy your own, you already know what is right. A professional can also help you choose the best one for your tanning needs. As you go shopping, be keen on the following:

FDA approved

  • Price

Buying the cheapest pair of goggles you find is a wrong move. There is always a reason behind every price tag. Try to choose one that has a reasonable price so that you don’t waste money or get one that is below the desired standard. Feel free to compare the prices of tanning goggles online.

  • Color selection

Most of the tanning goggles available come in different colors. While some are bright, others come with dull shades. The color you choose is based on your preference. Brightly colored goggles tend to glow in the presence of the tanning bed. This can be annoying for some people.

If you don’t enjoy the glow, choose dull-colored tanning goggles. These, however, may be hard to find if you stash them amid other items.

  • Shape and Size

Try to choose the right size of tanning goggles. They should be tight enough to keep the light off but not feel uncomfortable. Choose snugly fitting tanning goggles. Though bigger goggles can be comfortable, they may lead to the formation of bigger tan lines.

If you still prefer such, you can make use of a concealer to hide the tan lines. Be keen on the width of the nose bridge if you don’t want to develop any tan lines across the nose.

  • Material

The material used to make tanning goggles can determine its overall comfort. The best tanning goggles are designed from pliable materials which conform to the shape of your face. The material used to make such goggles also determine the level of protection you get. 

Even if you don’t tan often, you should try to choose durable tanning eyewear. You don’t want lenses that pop out on you, do you? Some tanning goggles also come with additional features such as straps. If you tend to move a lot during tanning, get one with straps so that they don’t fall off.

Conclusion: Which are the best tanning goggles?

Whether you prefer tanning outdoors or indoors, getting the right tanning goggles should not be optional. They may not look as stylish as regular glasses, but they can protect your eyes from intense rays.

We have discussed some of the best tanning goggles that are available from different stores and covered each of them in-depth. Our discussion also includes some of the basics of tanning goggles and how you can find the right ones.

After careful deliberation, we found good tanning googles that has all the right features. Super Sunnies takes the day. It is a flexible UV eye protector that gives you value for your money. The pack comes in 12 pairs of goggles which prevent you from going for a tanning session goggle-less.

It also comes in versatile colors that can appeal to your style. The brand also contains a high rise nose bridge that minimizes the chances of getting tan lines across the nose. You get an elasticized strap that holds the goggles tightly against your face.

The fact that it is also FDA approved so you dont have to worryIt is safe to use since it keeps your eye from UVB and UVA rays. The high comfort level of this goggles makes it worth your consideration. What are you waiting for?

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