What To Put On Face For Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning is great, but not at the risk of ruining your face. While you want to achieve glowing skin, it is important to keep your facial skin in check – because it is literally the thinnest and most sensitive layer you have. Since this is the case, you will likely see tanning salons advise you to have some added safety measures while you use the tanning bed.

However, what exactly should you do? If you are new to the tanning process, it is important to keep in mind that the process can dry out the skin very quickly due to the use of UV rays. Therefore, the primary purpose of the lotion is moistening the skin, which helps it to tan in a better and more even way.

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What are the guidelines to follow?

However, you might be unsure whether it is safe to apply on the facial skin, so use these tips as a guideline the next time you go for a session:

Protecting your eyes

It is highly important to take care of your eyes – the skin that surrounds the eyelids is very delicate and suffers damage easily. That means the task of keeping out UV rays is not meant for this part of the face, as the rays will damage your cornea. Normal glasses or sunglasses will not cut it either – you will require tanning goggles(we like this one).

If you might not know what they are, tanning goggles are plastic eyeglasses, which have dark lenses that protect the eyes. The good news is that they are not expensive, and their design covers your eyes and all surrounding areas (which also prevents the instance of getting raccoon eyes after a session).

Luckyly for you, we have a complete guide to find best tanning goggles here. 

Tan lotion and sunscreen

Good news if you are unsure of the safety of tanning lotion on your face: you can use sunscreen. The main reason tanning lotion exists anyway is to give the skin a more even glow, a longer-lasting tan, and reduce the chances of developing uneven spots.

It does this through protecting the skin from the UV rays, and acting as a regulatory mechanism to hasten the tanning process. In addition, there are numerous specialized tanning lotions for the face, which you can choose depending on your skin type. Honestly that is an entire plus for the process.

Lip balm

Another sensitive area you may not think much about is the lips, which require their own special care during a tanning session. The best way to protect them is applying a lip balm just before the session starts. Another advantage of applying this is that it keeps them moisturized, which allows them to tan much better – so make sure to get the ones that contain SPF as well for extra protection.

Other techniques

Turning off the facial bulbs

You can choose to switch of the facial tanning bulbs in the bed. These usually use UV rays at higher voltage because the face is the most challenging area to tan.

UV blocking towel

This limits the exposure of your face as well, but you should make sure it can block UV rays – and that means you cannot use any towel.


When going for a tan session, you need to ensure to take care of your face as much as possible, since you want to avoid premature aging and dryness, and hopefully these items will help you in that regard.

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