Can You Use Coconut Oil as Tanning Lotion or Oil?

In a hurry? Need a quick answer? Yes you can use cocnut oil as tanning oil. A good coconut oil won’t cost you much and help you tan better. We highly recommend you to get the one below. You most probably have heard the health benefits of using coconut oil. But you might be wondering … Read more

Spray Tan Colors

The color of the human skin is because of the presence of melanin in your skin. Different people have different skin colors from black to white with a hint of pink because of the blood vessels underneath your skin. There are different variations in skin color mostly because of your genes, but you can darken … Read more

Tanning bed tips

Did you know that tanning is your skin’s natural defense mechanism against sunburn? However, there is a very big difference between that and using a tanning bed to achieve that bronze color on your skin. There are different reasons why you would go to a tanning salon. You might want to get a base tan … Read more

Tanning Tips For Men: Ultimate Guide for Guys

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Can you Tan Through a Window?

It’s a more sensible thing to stay indoors when the sun is blazing hot outside if you don’t want to get a sunburn. But it’s hard to enjoy the sunshine fully when you’re stuck indoors. However, can you tan through a window and can your skin absorb enough vitamin D to reap the benefits of … Read more

Spray tan vs Tanning bed – What should you choose and why?

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Best Long Lasting Self Tanner

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Best Tingle Tanning Lotion

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Best Sunscreen for Tanning in 2022

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Can You Get Tan When it’s Cloudy

In a hurry? To answer your question quickly. Yes, you can tan when its cloudy. But i would defiently recommend you to use a tanning oil for better looking tan. Did i tel you that its also super affordable? Check this one out.  During the beginning of summer, everybody is eager to find the perfect … Read more