Best Tingle Tanning Lotion 2023

Have you been tanning for a while now and would like a product that is more intense and stronger? You should consider using a tingle tanning lotion. Every experienced tanning fan knows that the market offers various forms of tanning lotions. While some of them are suitable for outdoor tanning, others should only be used indoors.

One of the strongest tanning lotions that are designed for indoor tanning is the tingle lotion. These lotions are becoming quite popular due to how effective they are. They can help you enjoy a deep tan before you use a tanning bed. Tingle tanning lotions are therefore used to accelerate your tan. If this is what you need, go through our review to find out more about these lotions. We will not only discuss some of the best tingle tanning lotions but also give you additional information regarding how these products work and the best way to use them. Enjoy!

List of the Best Tingle Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy bronzer

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot Warning Mega Extreme Hot Tingle, 13.5 oz.
  • Product Type:Beauty
  • Item Package Dimension:5.8 " L X3.3 " W X 1.5 " H
  • Item Package Weight:1.05 lbs

Expert tanners often go for intense tingling tanning products. If this is what you want, then Ed Hardy Bronzer should be an ideal choice. Since the tingling sensation is extreme, it should only be used by people who have tried such lotions before. When you apply this product, your skin is bound to become red for a couple of hours. The redness should fade within two hours, leaving your skin with a deep tan.

This lotion not only causes a powerful tingling sensation but also protects tattoos from damage. You will also like the citrus fragrance of this tanning lotion. Its ingredients are designed to make your skin firm. If you have pale skin, you will enjoy how dark this tanning lotion can make you appear. Ensure that you wipe your hands after application and do not touch anyone with sensitive skin. Even after you have used the tanning bed, this tan does not fade.


  • Sweet smell
  • Darkens the skin as expected
  • It goes on the skin smoothly
  • No streaks


  • It can stain the hands
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

JWOWW tingle bronzer

No products found.

Jersey shore stars is a reputable brand that is known to create high-quality tanning lotions available in the market. They came up with an effective tingle tanning lotion that a lot of experienced users like. Though this product does not offer tattoo protection, it can still give you the deep tan that you desire.

Like most of the models, this lotion provides an extreme tingle thus should only be used by experienced tanners. One of the things that, however, makes it unique is that it contains natural bronzing agents. They ensure that you can darken your skin without having concerns about the adverse effects of synthetic components. Some of the ingredients included here are shea butter, vitamin E, and black currant. These can leave your skin looking vibrant and young.

Most customers that have used this product reveal that it has a cinnamon candy smell. Unlike most of the tanning lotions, this does not leave an awful after tan smell on your skin. It can make your skin turn red for a few hours to accelerate the tan. The tingle lotion also includes tyrosine, which is responsible for the stimulation of melanin.


  • Has a creamy texture
  • It can hydrate the skin
  • Has a strong but comfortable tingle
  • Nice smell


  • Some people are not happy with the way the lotion feels heavy on the surface of the skin

Ruby designer bronzer

Choosing a unique tingle lotion can give you a different experience from what you are used to. If this is what you are focused on, then you should consider purchasing this lotion. Most of the tingle lotions bring heat, which can be uncomfortable, considering you have to endure a hot tanning bed. Ruby designer bronzer is not your ordinary tingle lotion since this contains a cooling agent known as licorice extract. This minimizes the heat while at the same time speeding your tan.

It also contains a different form of tingle agent known as capsaicin, which is more natural. This is the ingredient that is common in cayenne pepper. Unlike the rest of the products, the redness that you get from applying this bronzer only lasts for a few minutes instead of hours. It, therefore, enables you to enjoy the results faster compared to using other tingle lotions.

You should not, however, underestimate it based on its uniqueness since it still offers an intense tingle like the rest of the lotions. Ruby bronzer also contains a silicone emulsion which seals moisture. You can, therefore, enjoy soft skin after using the product.


  • Great tingle
  • The lotion has a smooth texture
  • It also smells good
  • Contains cooling agents


  • It is not cost-effective

Supre Snooki

Supre - Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer w/ Skin Firm & Toning - 12 fl oz
  • Snooki Ultra Dark 70x Black Bronzer with Skin Firming and Toning Tanning Lotion. 70X Black Bronzing...
  • HyperDark Tanning technology immediately prepares your skin for deep, rich golden color.
  • Vitamin enriched skin conditioner blend helps skin fight against environmental stress for a more...

Most of the tanning lovers often need the deepest level of tan they can get from a lotion. Supre Snooki can help you achieve this with ease. The lotion makes use of Hyperdark technology that stimulates the production of melanin beyond what other tingle lotions offer. The supplier also includes both synthetic and natural bronzing agents in this tingle lotion. Some of them are DHA and henna, which are known to darken the skin further.

Apart from creating a deeper tan, this tingle lotion also promotes skin health. It does this through the incorporation of coconut and almond oils, which smoothen your skin. The vitamins included in this tingle tanning lotion can also minimize the signs of aging. Using this tanning lotion, therefore, boosts your skin complexion while at the same time making you look younger.


  • It softens the skin
  • Produces a dark rich color
  • Contains vitamins that can boost skin health
  • Has hydrating properties
  • The lotion does not leave behind a nasty residue


  • Not suitable for beginners

Millennium lotion bronzer

Millenium Tanning Insanely Black 60X UV Bronzer Accelerator Tanning Lotion, 2 Count, 13.5 fl oz
  • 60X Mega Tingle formula ultra dark bronzers, luxurious silicone emulsion
  • This over-the-top lotion delivers ultra dark bronzing results and breaks the dark tan barrier
  • Tan enhancer, tingle, bronzer, skin firming

Have you been using tingle lotions for a while now? You probably have heard about Millennium. This is a reputable brand that is known for its quality tanning lotions. It came up with a highly rated lotion that delivers hot tingle. The lotion contains some bronzing agents that can darken your skin easily.

If you have strong allergies, then you need to choose a less smelling tingle lotion. This specific model has a mild smell that most users prefer. It can also help you develop a long-lasting tan so that you don’t have to keep on booking for tanning sessions constantly. Though this can give you an instant tan and soften your skin, you should know that it can get quite hot.


  • It makes the skin firm
  • Delivers instant color
  • Has a citrus fragrance


  • Some users reveal that it can make your skin feeling itchy

Supre cherry accelerator

Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Tanning Lotion 8 oz.
  • 1.Supre Tan Cherry Bomb Hot Dark Tanning Maximiser with Skin Firming Cherry Extracts 235ml
  • 2.

This is known to be among the gentlest tingle tanning lotions available today. Though most of the lotions we have discussed above are not great for newbies, this one is. If you are experimenting on tingle lotions for the first time, you should consider starting with Supre cherry accelerator.

It is an ideal lotion for a light tan. You should not, however, expect to get a very deep dark from the lotion. Starting with it helps you get used to the tingling sensation of such lotions before choosing a stronger one. Once you have experienced this and are now ready for dark tanning, you can start looking into maximizers. Most beginners love the cherry fragrance of this tingle tanning product. It also contains vitamins C, E, and A, which can restore the vitality of your skin and make it toned.


  • Great for beginners
  • It makes the skin firm
  • Has an appealing smell


  • Only delivers a light tan

Glamour Goddess

Do you have a low level of tolerance when it comes to pain but would like to try a tingle lotion? You should look for those that do not cause a lot of pain. Glamour Goddess may have a strong tingle, but it does not cause pain even on sensitive skin. It offers a strong tingle to help you enjoy great results without subjecting you to a burning sensation. This, however, does not have any bronzing agents.

Though Glamour Goddess has a lot of natural ingredients, it lacks DHA. Some of the components in this tingle lotion give it antibacterial capabilities. It also has some softening agents that lead to an even and beautiful looking tan. You will like the nice smell of this tanning lotion.


  • It is less painful
  • Made from natural compounds
  • Can fight bacteria
  • Strong tingle


  • The lotion does not have bronzing agents

Love queen

A tingle tanning lotion like this one may be mild, but it can still deepen your tan as expected. Love queen is a bronzer that contains natural dyes and DHA, which darken your skin in a few hours. One of the major issues with UV radiation from the tanning bed is that it can make your skin age faster. Using this tingle tanning product can help you combat this since it is infused with anti-aging ingredients such as Matrixyl Synthe 6. While this fights fine lines on your skin, the hemp seed oil in Love queen keeps the skin hydrated.


  • Prevents your skin from drying out
  • Makes you appear younger
  • Has warming stimulants


  • Customers complain about streaking

What are Tingle Tanning Lotions?

Every tanning lotion has some unique components that allow it to work in a particular way, and tingle lotions are no exception. These come with ingredients that can make the surface of your skin to tingle.

The level of tingling, however, depends on the specific tanning lotion that you choose. While some tingle lotions give you a mild tingling effect, others can be quite intense. Customers who have used strong tingle lotions reveal that they feel as if the lotion is burning the skin. It should not, however, cause any adverse side effects on you as long as you are using it correctly.

Tingle lotions not only accelerate tanning but can also moisturize your skin. They can prevent the surface of the skin from getting too dry during tanning. Most users of such lotions reveal that their skin feels supple and soft after tanning. A tingle lotion can, therefore, keep your tan looking nice and even. When you are used to a tingle tanning product, you may find the tingling relaxing.

How do Tingle Tanning Lotions Work?

If you are an expert tanner, choosing a tingle lotion can help you take your game to a higher level. These lotions work well due to the inclusion of two components in their formula. They contain Benzyl Nicotinate and Methyl Nicotinate. While some of the tingle lotions come with both of the elements, others only have one of these.

Such components make them more intense compared to conventional tanning lotions since they increase oxygen and blood circulation to the skin’s surface. When this happens, the production of melanin which is the pigment responsible for skin coloration, is heightened. When more melanin is produced, your skin can develop a deep tan easily.

Methyl Nicotinate is known to expose more oxygen to the cells that produce melanin. When your skin is exposed to radiation, the component triggers a process known as melanogenesis, which results in deep tan. The intense circulation of oxygen is what makes such lotions cause a tingling sensation on the surface of your skin.

Benzyl Nicotinate, on the other hand, opens up the capillaries and leads to the reddening of the skin. It can lead to a burning sensation, which is a common feeling that comes from certain tingle tanning products. Most of the tingle lotions are also known to contain moisturizing ingredients. Experts reveal that for your skin to tan effectively, it has to be properly moisturized.

Apart from the two components we have mentioned above, tingle tanning products also contain moisturized agents such as essential oils, tea extract, and black currant. These can boost the penetration of UV rays into your skin, leading to a deeper, long-lasting tan.

Who Should use this Tanning Lotion?

Before we start reviewing tingle tanning products, it is important that you understand that these are not ideal for tanning beginners. They can be quite intense and make you feel uncomfortable if you are not used to tanning. Before you try such products, you need to ensure that your body is used to the heat of the tanning bed. Having a solid base tan can also boost tanning results.

These products are only meant for tanning indoors. Using them outside under the sun can lead to serious burning of the skin since direct UV rays can be too intense. If you would like to try out a tingle lotion for the first time, you can mix a small amount of this with your regular lotion then continue increasing the amount of the tanning lotion gradually.

 Guide For Buying the Best Tingle Tanning Lotion

Apart from knowing the different tingle tanning lotions that are highly rated, you should also understand how to get the right one. That is why we have to include a guide that can help you during your purchase. Tingle tanning lotions are not made equally. You should, therefore, have the following factors in mind as you compare them.

Tingle effect

From the above reviews, you can tell that tingle lotions differ in regard to the tingle effect. While some of them are made to be intensely powerful, others have a minimal tingling effect. You should, therefore, understand the tingle effect of the lotion you intend to buy and gauge against how much experience you have in using such products. If you want to try a tingle lotion for the first time, you should choose a mild one. Start by conducting a patch test and see how your skin reacts to the lotion before you proceed with applying it to other body parts.

Maximizer or accelerator

Some of the tanning lotions are maximizers, while others are accelerators. Though both of these forms are meant to enhance tanning, they work differently. Accelerators are ideal for people who are joining the tingle tanning world or those users not looking for a very deep tan. If you, however, want a very deep tan and are used to tingle products, then you can choose a maximizer.


Not every tingle lotion includes bronzing agents. Choosing a tanning lotion that is also a bronzer can help you enjoy better instant results. Such bronzers can offer a fake tan on top of the real tan so that your skin can develop a deep, rich tan.

Caffeine and anti-aging

Apart from understanding the specific type of tingle lotion your skin needs, you also have to focus on the ingredients of each product. These can help you figure out what you should expect from using a tingle lotion.

Some of them contain ingredients such as caffeine, which is known to minimize premature aging of the skin. You should choose a lotion that has some anti-aging components as well as minerals and vitamins. Such vital ingredients can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. They can also reduce puffiness.

Tattoo protection

If you got a tattoo, you need to choose a tanning lotion that will not affect its appearance. Exposing your skin to the UV radiation that comes from a tanning booth can fade your tattoo. Choosing a tingle lotion that offers tattoo protection can prevent it from looking less vibrant and old.

How to Use a Tingle Tanning Lotion

Once you have identified the right tingle tanning product for your skin, you should now focus on proper usage. If your skin is overly sensitive or does not tolerate pain well, using a tingle tanning lotion can give you a bad experience. Everyone, however, has some sensitive areas in their bodies. It is therefore advisable to skip regions such as your nipples, eyes, and genitals when applying a tingle lotion. Also, avoid using such tanning lotions on your face since the burning sensation can be quite intense.

You need to choose a tingle tanning product only when you want to use a tanning booth or bed and not tanning through the sun. Though most of these lotions contain moisturizing agents, it is advisable that you buy an extra moisturizer and incorporate it into your daily routine. This can help you minimize the drying effect of tanning lotions and boost your skin’s health.

Exfoliating the skin before tanning should be a step that you should never skip. This can help you get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface so that you end up with an even tan. Get a good exfoliator, such as a brush or scrub. You should also invest in other tanning accessories such as goggles and applicator beforehand.

Your skin is bound to turning red after applying a tingle lotion. This happens to everyone. The redness can either last for hours or minutes, depending on the tingle level of your lotion. If it, however, lasts for more than 4 hours, you should visit a dermatologist. Ensure that you wash off the lotion soon.

Focus on the temperature of the water you shower with since choosing a hot shower can alleviate the heat, creating an intense burning sensation. Lukewarm water should not have such effects. As you use tingle tanning lotions, you should also keep others safe by avoiding skin contact with children until you bathe.

Final thoughts

Though tingle lotions are not suitable for everyone, experienced users like them a lot. If you are used to tanning, you can boost tan results by trying out a tingle tanning lotion. This can help you tan the skin faster since they accelerate the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body. Above is a list of some of the highly-rated tingle tanning products that can help you achieve the desired results. As you compare them, do not forget to use the guide we have offered and tips for you to enjoy your experience. Happy tanning!

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