Spray Tan Colors – Which color tan you should get?

The color of the human skin is because of the presence of melanin in your skin. Different people have different skin colors from black to white with a hint of pink because of the blood vessels underneath your skin.

There are different variations in skin color mostly because of your genes, but you can darken your natural color as a result of tanning after being exposed to UV light. You can also opt to apply spray tan, but different spray tan colors vary with your natural skin type.

The best thing about spray tanning is that you get immediate results and it’s very convenient. However, if you use the wrong shade of color, you can get results that are opposite of the effect you wanted and end up giving you a very fake complexion.

If you know how to spray tan, you most likely know the importance of knowing the spray tan shades.

The resulting skin color you get after tanning is as a result of combining the DHA level in the tanning lotion, your skin pigmentation, how much product you’ve applied, and the depth of your skin color.

Different skin types

Base your Spray Tan Colors on your Natural Skin Type

Very fair of white

If you have this type of skin, you have light or reddish hair and freckles. Your skin will most likely burn even if you’re exposed to very small amounts of UV rays. It’s recommended you use an SPF of 30+ and cover up to reduce damage to your skin. You should use the lightest spray tan color, but if you use a slightly darker shade you can end up with orange streaks.

Light skin

If this is your skin type you can get sunburnt very easily, but you get a tan much easily. Your skin has fewer freckles and your hair is either a light brown, blonde, or red. A light color spray tan will suit your skin type, but if you have a slightly darker natural tan, you can go for the medium spray tan.

Light intermediate or dark-skinned

If you have this skin type, you can tan easily and you won’t burn as easily as the two skin types above. People in this group have brown eyes and dark hair, but not always. If you’re going to spend long periods in the sun, make sure you wear SPF 30+ and cover your skin. You can apply most of the spray tan colors, but it will depend on how dark you want to look.

Dark intermediate

If you have this skin type, you will get quite a dark tan when your skin gets exposed to light. Although your skin won’t burn as easily as other skin types, ensure that you cover up and apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ if you’re going to spend a lot of time under the sun. Depending on how dark you want your color to be, you can use any shade of spray tan.

Brown or dark

Even though you already have a dark shade, you can get darker if you spend some time in the sun. If you have this skin type, you will not burn easily, but always remember to wear sunscreen if you will be out in the sun. If you want to enhance your skin tone, you can use a spray tan to brighten and even out your skin tone.

Black or very dark

With this type of skin, you’re least likely to burn when you expose your skin to moderate sunlight, but you should always wear sunscreen to prevent damage from the UV light. You can use the darkest spray tan color if you want to enhance your skin tone or even out some skin discolorations.

Base your Spray Tan Color on Skin Undertones

Some people mistake undertones for the complexion, but this is the pigmentation of your skin. It can either be cool, warm, or neutral. If you have a cool undertone it means your skin will appear pink or bluish-red, for a warm undertone, your skin has a basic yellow color, and for the neutral undertone means your skin will have a grey appearance.

Normally, bronze colorants are added to the tanning solution to change the color of your undertones like the red or violet based additives that can be used on your neutral undertone to change your complexion.

Base your Spray Tan Color on Seasons

Your appearance changes to blend with your surroundings when the seasons change.

During winter

 You can go for light color tones to go with your winter clothes. The days are shorter, the sun sets early, and the sky has a dark color so a light shade will be perfect for this season. You can use a soft golden or caramel spray tan color.

During summer

Dark color tones like orange, dark brown, or chocolate will go very well with this bright and high-spirited season to give you a summer sun-kissed glow.

During spring

 Dark shade like chocolate or brown will match with the sparkling glow of the season. This color shades will go very well with the sunny sky.

During the rainy season

Go for water-resistant light hues like cocoa butter or soft golden to suit with the dull and cloudy background of the season.

For all seasons,

you can choose medium shades to go with all seasons if you’re not very picky on the cosmetics you use or you don’t have so much time to spend shopping for the specific one.

Final thoughts

Generally, color shades move from the classic, dark, and extra dark. There are different shades of tanners that can help to give you the perfect hue and a lasting glow. However, finding the right spray tan colors that will match with your skin tone can be a bit difficult, but you can always consult a stylist to guide you through what you need to know. If you love using spray tans, you can play with different color shades to give you a natural finish on your tanned look.

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