How Long Should You wait to Shower after Tanning

Getting that golden brown tan takes a long process that requires a lot of your time, patience, and persistence. And after all that work involved in your tanning process, you don’t want to wash it all away with a quick shower. However, how long to wait to shower after tanning will depend on a lot … Read more

Can You Tan Underwater

tan underwater

Most of us love spending our summer days in the pool cooling off from the hot sun. We all know that you shouldn’t overexpose yourself to the sun, but can you safely tan underwater? The answer is yes and no. Let me explain.  It actually depends on how deep the water is. Whether you want … Read more

Does Tanning Burn Calories to Loose Weight

During the summer, people flock to the beach, poolsides, and parks to bask in the sun. One thing that most women love is getting a golden tan that makes you look your best while the other is having a lean and trim body to wear your favorite bikini and show off your tan. So the … Read more

Washing off Spray Tan Too Early

Have you ever left the tanning salon with a beautiful glow only to forget the technician’s instructions and you washed off your spray tan too early? This is a common mistake many women do. You’re advised not to take a shower a few hours after tanning because that’s the time the color is developing on … Read more

Why you should never go Tanning Without Goggles

One of the ways that we maintain a beautiful skin tone throughout the year is by using a tanning bed to get that bronze on. The goggle you wear in tanning beds although ugly are very necessary because tanning without goggles can damage your eyes. However, not all of us follow instructions because you don’t … Read more

Can you put makeup on after a spray tan?

It’s a known fact that most women can’t live without makeup, but after spending so much time getting a beautiful tan you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to apply your makeup on after getting a spray tan? This is a very good question, but not a very simple one to answer. You … Read more

Does spray tan cover stretch marks?

After working out, dieting, and doing all the right things to achieve a great shape, you’re feeling good and want to show off your beautiful and toned beach body. However, you might not feel like putting on your swimsuit because of some blemishes on your body that include stretch marks, scars, and cellulite that can … Read more

Can you go Tanning Two Days In a Row

I get it! You have a event to attend next week. You want to look flawless with your skin tan at this event. But you almost forgot about the event until now. And now you dont have enough time to get properly tanned. Its quite a situation isnt it. Wait, you get a bright idea! … Read more

Can You Tan after 4 pm

Since we all want to look good, tanning has become the trend. Though tanning improves our skin, you should get informed to about the best practices before you try it. Can you tan after 4 pm? Tanning in the evening is possible. Experts reveal that this period may be safer than during peak hours. Finding … Read more

How to Get Self Tanner Off your Hands

If you are reading this, you probably want to get gorgeously tanned skin – without the hassle of sunbathing. That is why self-tanners exist; and the beauty world unanimously agrees that they are the best invention of all time in the beauty world; probably aside from makeup, that is. Self-tanning is incredibly easy to accomplish, … Read more