Can You Tan after 4 pm

Since we all want to look good, tanning has become the trend. Though tanning improves our skin, you should get informed to about the best practices before you try it. Can you tan after 4 pm? Tanning in the evening is possible. Experts reveal that this period may be safer than during peak hours. Finding … Read more

How to Get Self Tanner Off your Hands

If you are reading this, you probably want to get gorgeously tanned skin – without the hassle of sunbathing. That is why self-tanners exist; and the beauty world unanimously agrees that they are the best invention of all time in the beauty world; probably aside from makeup, that is. Self-tanning is incredibly easy to accomplish, … Read more

Why Won’t my Legs Tan

Picture this: you bought some great tanner, and you use the whole product on your body, expecting gorgeous results. However, after it settles in, you notice that your legs are not as tanned as the rest of your body, and it frustrates you to no end. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. … Read more

Shaving Before or After Spray Tan

If you are considering getting a tan, then you are in good company. You are probably thinking of getting a glow to your skin that others look at and envy, because of how effortlessly gorgeous you look. However, the days leading up to your tanning session can be quite confusing when you have no idea … Read more

Can You Tan Through Clothing

If there is one thing that ultraviolet rays are great at, it is penetrating through different materials, regardless of what they are – except a few. You might think that cotton shirts and dresses can protect you from the ravaging effects of sunburn even when you are walking on the beach, but the truth is … Read more

How To Apply Self tanner to entire Back

It is no mean feat to achieve a flawless faux glow, but the benefits are immense – you look much healthier and stunning. Even though a tanned complexion is appealing, you probably know that UV rays are bad news for your skin. This makes the self-tanner a great alternative, since it allows the skin to … Read more

What to Wear During and After a Spray Tan

Are you looking forward to your spray tanning appointment? You may have concerns regarding what to wear when getting a spray tan. Experts recommend black, lose outfits, or going naked. This can help you get an even tan. Most people, however, shy away from exposing a lot of skin, therefore, get confused regarding the right … Read more

Should you tan before or after workout? (Helpful guide)

Tanning and exercising is a great combination. Having an incredible tanned physique will make your friends jelous of you. You should also keep in mind, that excercising can also increase or decrease the effectiveness of tanning. People have all kinds of views regarding this issue. Lets the answer the million dollar question that wether should … Read more

What To Put On Face For Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning is great, but not at the risk of ruining your face. While you want to achieve glowing skin, it is important to keep your facial skin in check – because it is literally the thinnest and most sensitive layer you have. Since this is the case, you will likely see tanning salons advise … Read more