Can You Tan after 4 pm

Since we all want to look good, tanning has become the trend. Though tanning improves our skin, you should get informed to about the best practices before you try it. Can you tan after 4 pm? Tanning in the evening is possible.

Experts reveal that this period may be safer than during peak hours. Finding the right answer to this question is not always easy due to the numerous myths that exist regarding tanning.

Some people believe that tanning after 4 pm is of no use while others have a contrary opinion. Since we all have varying skin types, the difference in opinions is valid.

Distinguishing the facts of tanning from myths is crucial since you don’t want a bad experience from the session.  Our discussion can help you learn facts regarding tanning as we address the best time to tan. Enjoy!

What is the fuss about tanning after 4 pm?

People choose different tanning techniques to achieve a dark skin. We believe that a natural glow comes from the sun. Nature offers the most efficient and cheapest way to make the skin shine.

Though it is possible to tan through the sun, the UV rays that it produces can harm your skin. The intensity of the rays is not the same throughout the day.

The best time to tan outside is believed to be between 10-4 pm. During this period, the sun produces intense rays that can help boost the production of melanin in the skin.

It is therefore easy to tan between these periods. This does not mean that you expose your skin to the sun for hours during the duration. It can expose your skin to burns and even lead to skin problems.

Can you tan after 4 pm? It depends on the complexion of your skin. If you have fair and light skin, you can achieve a good tan after the peak hours.

Since the rays during this time are less intense, sensitive skin may not get irritated from tanning after 4 pm. During this period, the rays are not as direct as before 4 pm.

Excess exposure even after 4 pm can, however, expose your skin to sunburns. This means that if you prefer tanning after 4 pm, you should do it for a limited duration to protect your skin.

People have different time preferences, and tanning after 4 pm is a common preference to those with light or sensitive skin.

Those with normal color skin often assume that trying to tan the skin after 4 pm does not work. Do you see why the difference in opinions exists?

Why should you choose to tan after 4 pm?

If you are a beginner, tanning after 4 pm may be more appealing than during the peak hours. This is because your skin is not used to the intense UV rays.

You also allow it to build a base tan with time, leading to healthy and glowing skin.

When you have sensitive skin, tanning before 4 pm can cause the reddening of your skin even if you only stay under the sun for a few minutes.

If you have sensitive skin and don’t like using self-tanners, then your best option would be tanning after 4 pm. Tanning after 4 pm is a safe way to begin your journey of achieving a bronze look.

It also offers a less hot environment so that your body can withstand the heat without any discomfort. Tanning in the evening also helps you achieve effective relaxation.

Some people choose this period since it is when they are free from work and can spend a substantial period away from other commitments.

For you to tan after 4 pm, you need to spend at least 20-30 minutes per session under the sun.

Are there tips that can help you tan after 4 pm?

Though tanning after 4 pm is possible, it is not the quickest way to achieve a tan. Since you don’t expose your body to intense rays, you may not see results immediately.

This means that you should exercise patience as you use the right tips to boost the results. Proper prepping for your tanning session is a critical aspect that you should not ignore.

Before sunbathing, do the following:

  • Exfoliate-This means that you get rid of any dead skin before the tanning session. You can utilize a scrub to eliminate skin cells.
  • Take a shower beforehand and use a moisturizer at least twice in a day.
  • Make use of sun protecting cream to avoid burning your skin.
  • Bring along sunglasses to the beach to protect your eyes from the rays
  • Start with limited sessions such as 10 minutes the first day then increase this rate gradually until you get comfortable.
  • The season also determines how much sun can penetrate your skin. For instance, tanning on a summer evening may be more effective than on autumn days.
  • Always ensure that you keep on adjusting your body position according to how the tan develops. This can help you achieve an even tan.
  • Remain hydrated since you are probably losing water through sweat.
  • Try to be consistent and tan at the same time regularly so that you receive similar strength rays.
  • Make use of high-quality products like an outdoor tanning lotion before sunbathing.

Conclusion: So, can you tan after 4 pm?

Skin sensitivities and types are different. Just because your friend’s skin glows after a few sunbathing sessions in the morning does not necessarily mean that you will get the same results.

The period between 10 and 4 pm is known as the peak hours for tanning. It may not, however, be suitable to some people. For sensitive or fair skin, tanning after 4 pm can protect your skin.

You should never estimate the strength of UV rays from the sun. The longer your shadow, the weaker the rays. Use this to determine the right time to tan, as you also consider your skin type.

Can you tan after 4 pm? Yes. Remember to use the tips highlighted above.