Should you tan before or after workout? (Helpful guide)

Tanning and exercising is a great combination. Having an incredible tanned physique will make your friends jelous of you.

You should also keep in mind, that excercising can also increase or decrease the effectiveness of tanning. People have all kinds of views regarding this issue.

Lets the answer the million dollar question that wether should you workout before or after tanning. The short answer is yes and no, it depends on alot of which technique you are using to achive tan.

For example, its good to workout before sun tanning but not a good idea if you are going for spray tan.

It is, however, essential to find answers to this so that you can achieve an even tan. We can help you reduce the confusion by discussing the right time to tan.

We will look at the effects of tanning before and after a workout.  Since people tan using different methods, we will discuss our topic based on each technique. Enjoy!

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What is the best time to work out while sun tanning?

benefits of tanning workout

Sun tanning is the most natural method of tanning. Most people spend some time under the sun trying to boost their skin tones. While some work out before sunbathing, others exercise after tanning.

Experts reveal that exercising before sun tanning is healthy. 

 Tips For Working Out For Suntaning

When you work out, you boost the circulation of blood in your body. This also opens up your skin pores. The pores can easily absorb the sun rays resulting in a deeper tan. If you are in search of better tanning results, you should, therefore, stick to working out before your sun tanning session.

Though this is healthy, it comes with one drawback. When you work out too much, it may lead to body fatigue. The heat from the sun causes the relaxation of muscles.

This combination can make you dehydrated due to excess sweating. This means that if you prefer to work out before sun tanning, you should do exercises in moderation.

Also, take enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Some of the signs that can show you that your body is dehydrated include headaches or feeling drained.

If you have been using a tanning lotion to achieve a darker tan, try to wash it off before going to the gym since oil and sweat can cause discomfort.

Some people, on the other hand, prefer working out after a suntan. During sun tanning, they find themselves engaging in other activities such as surfing.

If you choose to exercise after a suntan, try to work out indoors. This can prevent your skin from sunburns.  Should you tan before or after workout? You can do either as long as you follow these tips.

 Relationship Between Exercise and Spray Tanning?

It is possible to work out before you use a spray tan as long as you schedule your work out well. You should not exercise instantly before spray tanning.

Apply best indoor tanning lotion for that suits your skin properly.

The heat from exercising can enlarge your skin pores. You need small pores so that the tan smoothens your skin.  Use the right pre-spray tips before attending a tanning session so that you can boost comfort.

The sweat from working out can also hinder proper absorption of the spray.

If you prefer working out after spray tanning, you should also ensure that the gym session does not come immediately after tanning.

The spray tan can easily wash off during your gym session. Sweating once you have spray tanned your skin can lead to a splotchy tan.

When the spray tan washes off too early, it may not give you the desired results. Working out too much makes the tan leave your body fast.

Is it right to tan before or after workout? When you choose spray tanning, you should try to work out before spray tanning.

The advantage of a spray tan is that it contours your body so that you can get toned in all necessary spots.

If you still prefer to work out after spray tanning, you need to stick to light exercises that don’t make you sweat excessively.

What about UV tanning?

Apart from using sprays and the sun, some people prefer tanning beds to boost their skin tones. A tanning bed works using the same mechanism as a sunbed. It produces UV rays that tan the body.

This means that you can work out before using a tanning bed. Intense exercise makes you sweat and helps in the absorption of the tan. Workout and the lamp’s heat can, however, lead to dehydration.

You can reduce this effect by exfoliating the skin before the tanning session. Shower before using a tanning bed and make use of the right indoor tanning lotion.

Remain hydrated to prevent your skin from drying. Ensure you use a good tanning oil to help your skin stay soft and hydrated. It can also help you achieve a deep, bronzed glow.

You can also work out after UV tanning. A tanning bed eliminates concerns regarding the product washing off. When you work out after bed tanning, you boost the  circulation of blood in the body.

The feeling of lying on a warm bed can also help you relax and give you a soothing experience. This is what makes tanning beds to be considered therapeutic.


Being fit and maintaining a gorgeous bronze tan often feels impossible to some people. You can, however, achieve both with the right information.

Is it right to tan before or after workout? This is a common question that most frequent tanners trying to maintain a sexy figure ask. The answer depends on the tanning technique you choose.

Sweating can help in some forms of tanning but not others. It is not advisable to exercise immediately after or before a spray tan. Fresh tan takes at least 8 hours to develop well on your body. 

You can work out before you sunbathe or use a tanning bed. Sweating and working out, in this case, can boost blood circulation and lead to a flawless finish.

Working out after sunbathing and using a tanning bed will not cause any problems since you don’t have concerns regarding any residue product washing off.

The tanning technique you choose should help you determine if it is right to tan before or after workout.

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