How to not Sweat Off Your Spray Tan

During the summer, it’s inevitable that you’re going to sweat and if you’ve got a fresh spray tan, sweat can cause serious problems. If you’ve ever had small streaks of tan running down your arms, back, and neck, you’ll know how irritating it can be when your spray tan sweats. With the right tips, your spray tan can survive a sweaty workout session.

However, you can stop your spray tan from sweating off by applying some talcum or baby powder to help soak up your sweat and to ensure that your tan doesn’t transfer to your clothes. After your tanning session, use a large makeup brush to apply powder on your body from your head to toe and any other area you’ve tanned. This will prevent your spray tan from changing color, smearing, or streaking. It will also absorb any odour and oil so that you don’t feel greasy or sticky and you don’t stain your clothes or beddings.

How to prevent sweat from ruining your spray tan

The fact is self-tanners and sweat don’t go together, but there’s a way you can enjoy a great workout and still have your perfectly bronzed glow so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. With the help of some useful pre-and post-workout tips, you can stop your sweat from running your spray tan.

  • Use the right tanning product

Every tanning product has been created differently which means some are more resistant to sweat than others. Some are designed for people who frequent the gym and provide superior resistance against discoloration, fading, and other sweat-related problems. They’re formulated to allow sweat to pass through your tan instead of removing it.

  • Use baby or talcum powder

Baby powder does a great job of absorbing sweat. It’s mostly used to prevent rashes caused by too much sweating, but it can also help your spray tan not to rub off when your workout. Before you slip into your sports bra, sprinkle some baby powder on your chest, underarms, elbows, and the back of your knees, and any other area that is exposed to sweat and friction. The powder will absorb the excess sweat and keep your tan from fading or transferring to your clothes.

  • Moisturize before workout

The first few hours after tanning you mustn’t take a shower or moisturize to allow your tan to set, but after your initial shower, you can resume moisturizing. After taking a shower apply an ultra-hydrating lotion while your skin is a bit damp so it can lock the moisture in and prevent your skin from drying and getting flaky. Allow it to get absorbed by your skin before getting dressed.

  • Use a light spray tan

Although getting a super dark tan gives you that tropical vacation glow, but opting for a lighter self-gradual tan will make it easier to control the damage if your spray tan starts to fade. You can easily reply to another layer to cover up the mishaps, but a self-tanner with a darker formula will leave very visible blotches that will be harder to conceal.

  • Change clothes and shower immediately after a workout

Once you’re through with your workout, change your sweaty clothes immediately to help prevent the sweat from causing your tan to fade or discolor. The moisture and tightness from your workout clothes can form strange patterns and streaks on your body, so take them off and take a cold shower to rinse off the sweat. Rinsing with cold water prevents your sweat, which is acidic, from sitting on your spray tan and causing it to break down.

  • Have a tanning survival kit handy

It’s always good to be prepared for anything that’s why it’s a good idea to have a backup plan. If your tan starts getting patchy in places, you can use an exfoliating and tan removal wipe to soften the skin around the blotchy areas, use the oil-free moisturizer to prep your skin for a new layer of self-tanner, then use the tanning towelette to top up the patchy areas.

Other tips to help you avoid sweating after a spray tan

  • Book a late afternoon appointment

If you’re going to get a spray tan in summer, make an appointment for late afternoon or in the evening instead of in the morning or afternoon when the temperatures outside are high and humid. This will prevent you from sweating.

  • Choose a well-ventilated place

Your spray tan salon should have properly ventilated tanning rooms with a cooling system or ceiling fans so you don’t inhale the tanning products and help to dry your spray tan properly after application. This will help prevent you from sweating, especially when the weather is humid.

  • Let your spray tan dry completely

After your spray tan session, make sure you allow your tan to dry completely because if it comes into contact with some moisture, it can cause your tan to break down and lead to blotching. Avoid putting on clothes until your tan is completely dry.

  • Use waterproof sunscreen and avoid the sun

Stay cool as much as possible and avoid going out in the sun because you’ll start to sweat. It’s a good idea to use a waterproof, broad-spectrum sunscreen that will prevent any damage to the color. Spray-on sunscreen is a better option because you don’t have to rub it in and disturb your spray tan.

Final thoughts

The self-tanning product you choose will go a long way in determining how long your tan stays. That’s why you must choose the right product specifically formulated for gym lovers that will help keep your spray tan intact even after a workout. You also have to take the necessary precautions to protect your tan before hitting the gym because nothing destroys a spray tan faster than excessive sweating. You can still enjoy having a toned and fit body without sacrificing a perfectly bronzed glow you get from a spray tan. You just need to know the tanning products that work for you.