How To Apply Self tanner to entire Back

It is no mean feat to achieve a flawless faux glow, but the benefits are immense – you look much healthier and stunning. Even though a tanned complexion is appealing, you probably know that UV rays are bad news for your skin.

This makes the self-tanner a great alternative, since it allows the skin to tan gradually, allowing it to glow, and conceal minor imperfections while making cellulite less noticeable.

However, the process of achieving a tan that looks as natural as possible is not as easy as it may seem. There is plenty of preparation you must do, as you do not want your skin to look uneven when the process is over. There is also the whole question of the tan you are choosing – is it in form of a mist, lotion or mousse?

All these questions need answers, but fortunately, we have consulted some of the experts to find out some of the easy tricks to achieve the perfect self-tanner on your back, so read on for some of them. But before doing so, it is important to know the best tips to achieve the perfect result.

It is important to first know what a self-tanner is before heading to apply it on your skin. Self-tanners, or sunless tanning products, come in the form of creams, lotions, and sprays, and are considered a safer method than sunbathing because they do not expose the skin to UV radiation, which is a major risk for skin cancer. The other advantage is that you can apply them in the privacy of your home, and takes only minutes.

These products contain DHA, also known as dihydroxyacetone, which is the active ingredient. It works by reacting with the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and eventually changes the skin color to darker shades that end up looking like a tan. The effect is only temporary though, because the skin actually sheds dead cells off all the time. If you want to maintain the tan look, you will need to reapply the tanner after every three days.

Tips to help you apply the self-tanner to your back

Since you are going for a tan, the assumption is that you want to show it off. Therefore, you want it to look as good as possible, here are some steps to achieve that.


For your tanning results to look good, you need to exfoliate your whole body – this does not just apply to the back. This is because self-tanners will tend to sink very deep into dry skin, and the result is a blotchy look that you do not want; you want an even result that looks good. Make sure to use a top quality exfoliator for your skin.

Just a pro tip: consider doing the exfoliation in the evening or morning before the day you apply the tanner. It will allow the skin to firm up, and the tanning results will look much better and stronger.

Dry off completely

Before you apply the self-tanner of choice, you want to dry your body off completely, but do it using a gentle cloth as you do not want to leave chances of bruising on your skin.

Apply moisturizer

Because self-tanners will tend to cling and penetrate dry skin excessively, you need to make sure you moisturize the body lightly. This will make sure there are no dry areas where the tan lotion or spray accumulates more than the other areas.

Using tan back applicator

This is the absoloute simplest way to ensure that you tan your entire back entirely by yourself. Tan appliacotor lets you achieve the perfect by reaching those tricky places where your self tanning mitt cant reach. Its convient and easy to use and keeps your hands clean by keep tan off it. They are reusable, easy to clean and works with all types of lotion.

We recommend  MODELCO is one of the best tan appliacator is the market.

Flex arms

If you are lucky enough to have arms that you can stretch to the length of your back, then consider yourself fortunate. The only tools you need in this case are your arms, which you use to spread the tanner throughout your back, and the tanning mitt to ensure even application.

When applying, you need to be careful – use a little at a time. You must make sure the tanning mitt absorbs the tanning solution completely before you apply it on your back. This will reduce the chances of streaks forming due to spills.

If in doubt, ask someone else

If you happen to live with someone else, for instance a roommate, your partner, or a friend, you can ask them to help you apply the tanner evenly. This is the best method of ensuring your back is as even as possible, and minimizes the mistakes you might make on your own.

The use of kitchen tools

In case the option above is not possible, then you can turn to classic kitchen tools to help you in the task. The best tool to use is probably a long-handle wooden spoon.

Take your tanning mitt and wrap it around the end of the spoon, then secure it using a hair tie or rubber band. Apply some of the tanner to the mitt, a little as you go on, and apply it on your back in small circular motions. Keep checking in the mirror to see whether you are applying it as evenly as possible.

Finish off any mistakes

When applying tanners on your back, there are areas that are prone to mistakes – with the most common area being the area of the spine that is just above the shoulder blades. In case you notice this, do not worry; you can correct it by using a fine mist.

Bend forward slightly and lift your arms, then spray the mist across your back at a distance of about six inches away from the back. This will ensure any harsh lines that may form will even out eventually as the tanner settles in your skin.

Apply powder

When you finish, apply some talc-free powder on your body. This will prevent the tanner from transferring on your clothes and ruining them. Allow the tanner to sit on your body for at least six to eight hours, and ensure you remain in a cool and well-ventilated place to reduce the chances of sweating.


Thanks to these tips, it is easy to apply your self-tanner and rectify any mistakes along the way, which will help you eventually get the tan you have always wanted.

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