Best self Tanning Mitt 2023 – Buying Guide

Unless you want end up with funny orange hands, you need to invest in a quality tanning mitt. 

Weather you are using drugstore tanner, self tanner of any kind, using a tanning mitt makes a difference of day and night.

It makes the entire tanning process smooth as a whistle. It doesnt cost alot and has various benefits.

Every tanner should have a mitt by their side.

Though self-tanning mitts are all designed to prevent blotchy hands, they are not made equal. Some work better than others and choosing a high-quality one should be a priority.

That is where we come in. We will discuss some of the best self-tanning mitts available in the market to help you choose the right one. 

List of the Best Tanning Mitts

Skinerals Tanning Mitt Dream Set Avoids Tan on the Hands. Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning...
Self Tanning Mitt Applicator - Sunless Self Tanner mitt Glove Tanner Applicator Mitt Self Tan...
Skinerals Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning Mitt
Ultimitt Self Tanning Applicator Mitt
Skinerals Tanning Mitt Dream Set Avoids Tan on the Hands. Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning...
Skinerals Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning Mitt
Self Tanning Mitt Applicator - Sunless Self Tanner mitt Glove Tanner Applicator Mitt Self Tan...
Ultimitt Self Tanning Applicator Mitt

Skinerals microfiber mitts

Skinerals Tanning Mitt Dream Set Avoids Tan on the Hands. Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning...
  • NO GIVEAWAY STAINS ON THE PALMS OF YOUR HANDS: Apply self tanner without the mess with Skinerals...
  • EASY TO USE: Use the exfoliating glove in the shower to get off any dead skin or little bumps and...
  • SOFT AND DURABLE MATERIAL: The flexible and velvety-smooth material of the tanning mitts allow a...

Get a reusable and efficient self-tanning mitt that you can use during your sessions with ease. Skinerals Company is not only famous for producing high-quality tanning lotions but also gloves. The company makes use of woven microfibers to manufacture this self-tanning mitt. You can, therefore, enjoy tanning without experiencing any streaks. It also keeps the spray tan away from the undesired areas.

Anyone, regardless of their hand size, can use these mitts. They remain intact on your hands without slipping off. On the inner part of the mitts is a synthetic lining that prevents the spray tan solution from penetrating. You will also like how soft these mitts feel on the outside. They are, therefore, perfect to use on any skin.

Thanks to the texture of the mitts, you can also use them to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead cells on the surface. The durability of these mitts makes them worth it. Customers reveal that they tend to last longer than most of the mitts in the market. While some of the mitts are disposable, this saves you the cost of replacement since you can wash and reuse them.

Feel free to use these mitts on both sides. If one side gets too messy as you apply your spray tan, the other side of the mitt can make the application easier. The mitt also features a small finger mitt, which you can use on small areas such as your face. If you buy Skinerals self-tanner, you may be lucky to get this mitt as part of the package. It is, however, not a guarantee; therefore, always consider buying it separately regardless of the self-tanning product you choose.


  • They are long-lasting
  • Have a smooth texture
  • Affordable


  • They don’t come in different colors

Famous Dave’s self-tanning mitt

Self Tanning Mitt Applicator - Sunless Self Tanner mitt Glove Tanner Applicator Mitt Self Tan...
  • [THE ORIGINAL MITT WITH THUMB IS THE SECRET] The problem we have found with most mitts is that they...
  • [TOP QUALITY STITCHED MITT] Highest quality materials and stitching : Our mitts are not heat or...
  • [DOUBLE THE APPLICATION ACTION] Our super soft and gentle application area is not just on one side...

If you are in search of a fancy tanning mitt that can match your style, you should consider this brand. Apart from its elegant appearance, it comes with all the features you expect to see from the self-tanning mitt. It is designed in a way that the tanning solution will not seep through it. While some of the mitts are sealed at the borders, this brand is sewn together. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about mitt tearing apart after some time. The crafting enhances its durability and makes it reliable for long.

Apart from using this with tanning lotion, you can also apply a mousse using it. It ensures that your tanning product does not leave any funny looking traces behind. You will also like how simple this mitt is to use.  Even tanning beginners don’t require any expert guidance to utilize it.

The company behind this product has been creating stunning tanning products for decades now. Even though this mitt may not have extras like finger mitt, the quality of the mitt is outstanding. It is one of the few brands in the market that features a thumb hole. This prevents your mitt from sliding off during use. The thumb hole is also double-sided and stitched well.

The best self-tanning mitt should slide along your skin well to boost the application. That is what you get from choosing Famous Dave mitt. The thumbhole design also allows you to apply the tanning solution well on those tough to reach spots such as your knees and feet.


  • The material is soft
  • It is reusable
  • Hand sewn
  • Low price


Some people complain about the short height and position of the thumb

Ultimitt tanning mitt

No products found.

End all your tanning worries by choosing a high-quality self-tanning mitt. Though this brand may not be as cost-effective as most of them, it gives you value for your cash. Make this one-time investment and enjoy your product for years. Right from the material of this tanning mitt, you can tell how good it is made. It feels like you are wearing velvet around the hands.

Your purchase also comes with some additional perks, such as two small and large mitts. There is a ziplock bag that ensures that your mitts are safe and dry at all times when not in use. You also get a guide and a suction hook as part of the package. Use the two large mitts to even out the tanning solution across your body and the small ones on your face.

Unlike most of the tanning mitts, this one does not absorb most of the solution. It also enables you to spread it evenly across the surface of your skin. It allows you to apply the right amount of tanning solution on your body, thus preventing wastage. You can easily use it around every body part, including your back and feet. Ones you are through with your session, wash and dry it until the next time you want to tan your skin.

Using this self-tanning mitt prevents your skin from developing orange patches as long as you choose a good tanner. You don’t have to deal with slipping mitts anymore. Apply your tanner using these mitts and enjoy a glowing skin without having to deal with stained palms.


  • Your package includes a lot of accessories
  • Excellent material
  • It lasts long
  • Ideal for various skin types
  • It covers your entire hands


  • The mitt tends to feel a bit tight on the wrists

Swanmyst tanning mitts

SwanMyst Self Tanning Mitt Applicator, Double Side Microfiber Sunless Tanner Glove for Flawless and...
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE TO USE - Perfect for applying self tanning lotion, mousses, oil and spray evenly
  • SOFT AND SMOOTH - Velvet microfiber material to create even distribution of sunless tanning products
  • NO STREAKS AND ORANGE HANDS - Strong water-proof lining to protect your palms from stains

The elegant appearance of these mitts appeals to a lot of customers. They look like brown fur mitts that have shades of cocoa. It is, however, crucial to assess the functionality of a mitt before purchasing it. The mitt comes in a soft material that makes it feel smooth on your hands. When you use this mitt to apply a self-tanner on your face or body, it goes with the tanner’s texture making it easy to use.

Apart from the fancy external look, the inner part of the mitt comes with a waterproof material that prevents anything from sipping through it. This means that even if the mitt gets damp, your hands always receive maximum protection. It, therefore, prevents you from stains. The mitts are not only double-sided but also have a smooth gliding action.

Since they absorb less tanning lotion, they prevent you from wasting your product. Your package not only includes a large mitt but also a tiny finger mitt that you can use to apply the tanning solution on your wrists, ankles, knees, and face.

As soon as you buy this self-tanning mitt, rinse it with some water and allow it to dry before you start using it for your sessions. You should avoid dry cleaning this mitt to enhance its durability. After use, the tanning residue comes off easily from the glove as long as you soak it in warm water.


  • It looks good
  • The mitt is damp proof
  • Glides easily
  • Washing it is easy


  • It is expensive

Golden star tanning mitts

Tanning Mitt Kit – Self Tanner Mitten for Body and Face w/Exfoliation Mitt – Sunless Tanning...
  • ✅ MUST HAVE FOR STREAK FREE TANNING: Our premium quality self tanning applicator kit is a MUST...
  • ✅ TOP QUALITY: The impermeable inner layer of the self tanner applicator mitts prevents self...
  • ✅ 3 MITT KIT & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MAKEUP BAG: The kit Includes one exfoliation mitt with elastic...

Professional tanners choose this brand over the rest due to their ease of use and quality. This brand includes a kit that consists of the body mitt, exfoliation mitt, and face mitt. Since it is three in one, most people find it quite convenient and versatile. Before you start applying your self-tanner, make use of the exfoliation mitt to prepare your skin accordingly. This process can reduce the formation of streaks and enables you to unclog your skin pores as you get rid of the dead skin cells.

You can use this mitt on different types of tanning products, including lotions, serum, mousse, and sprays. Due to the quality velvet material, these self-tanning mitts do not absorb any solution. They, therefore, cannot stain your hands.

Feel free to use the mitts on both sides as you enjoy how soft they feel on your skin. They prevent you from spilling the tanning solution so that you can enjoy a mess-free application. Golden star tanning mitts enhance the way your body absorbs a self-tanner so that you get enhanced tanning results. It also features a thumb area, which gives you additional control as you apply the tanning solution on your body. This region also provides a firm grip on your glove.

The manufacturer also gives you a one year warranty for this product. You also get a multifunctional bag that enhances the storage of mitts. You can even bring your mitts along during travel. The bag is not only stylish but is easy to clean and durable.


  • They come in a dark color
  • You get a traveling kit
  • The package includes an exfoliation mitt


  • Some people don’t like how hard it gets after washing it severally

Reneetan tanning mitts

Reneetan 3 Packs Self Tan Mitt Sunless Tan Gloves Applicator Face Mitts for Self Tanner
  • Pack of 3
  • Great for beginners and advanced sprayers
  • Made of velvet soft material

If you have ever tried shopping for self-tanning mitts, you may have come across some that are only ideal for particular hand sizes. Reneetan tanning mitts are different since they can accommodate everybody and give a comfortable tanning application. They are adaptable mitts that come in a universal shape. Though the mitts are loose-fitting, they don’t slip off quickly in the middle of your tanning session.

Unlike some of the best self-tanning mitts used by professionals, beginners like this brand since they are user-friendly. Cleaning them is also easy, and you may not need a manual for you to use them correctly. They are made from velvet material, making them soft and comfortable on your hands. Inside them is a fine plastic lining that prevents the absorption of the tanning solution. You can also use them on either side. This luxury mitt can help you get a flawless glow within a few hours.


  • Decent look
  • They are durable
  • Best for beginners


  • The package does not include an applicator

Importance of a Self-Tanning Mitt

Whether you prefer self-tanning lotions or sprays, a mitt can simplify the process of application. If you have every tried tanning using bare hands, you have probably experienced some complications in applying your tanning product. Tanning, especially using sprays, often leads to streaks.

The coloring compounds in your tanning product tend to leave a shade on the surface of your skin. If you make a mistake of applying your tan in excess, you will face streaking problems.

If you are using a spray gun for your tanning session, you may experience some leakage from the gun. This makes the compound get into contact with your hands. The malfunctioning of the spray gun may not be the cause of the problem.

This happens because of the built-in pressure inside the spray gun. When the leaked spray solution reaches your hands, it causes dark streaking and leaves you looking messy. You can avoid this by looking for the best self-tanning mitt for your session. Start by going through the reviews above.

How to use tanning mitt

  • Apply self tan lotion to the mitt. Apply little by little to make sure that you dont have too much on it. Rubb your gloves toghter to sprad the lotion evenly.
  • Rub the gloves across your body carefully.
  • Use a friend to reach tricky areas like knee,foot or back.

We also have a guide to help you apply self tanner on your back.

After finishing, wash it with hot water to keep it clean for next use. You can use an average mitt for about 8-14 times before throwing away. Check this video for more informatin and steps.

Final thoughts

A self-tanning mitt is a crucial element needed in the tanning process. When applying a tanning solution on your body, you have to be precise, so that you can avoid the formation of streaks or staining your hands. The best self-tanning mitt can help you achieve this. As you compare the brands discussed above, consider the size and material used for you to get the best one.