Does baby oil help you tan faster?

Do you want to develop dark brown skin? If you have a busy schedule, you may not have enough time to sunbathe. Does baby oil help you tan faster? Many people in your shoes ask this. Yes, baby oil helps.

Since tanning takes time, people have a lot of myths regarding skincare routines. Knowing the facts regarding the best products to use to fasten tanning can prevent you from using the wrong products.

If you lack sufficient time to do extensive research, our article should help. We cover all the details you should know regarding the link between tanning and baby oil.

Apart from discussing how it works, we will also cover its risks and how to use baby oil to your advantage. Enjoy!

How does baby oil help you tan faster?

Tanning through the sun can be boring without company. You may also lack patience since tanning is a gradual process that takes more than a single day.

In this digital era, people look for a quick solution to achieve results. That is where baby oil comes in. Tanning faster through the use of baby oil is an undeniable fact.

Baby oil is a mineral oil that contains moisturizers which can nourish and soften your skin. It locks in moisture and ensures that your skin does not stay dry.

When you use baby oil for faster tanning, you may get a pretty even tan. It also helps you get a consistent tan as opposed to tanning without using this product.

The oil makes your skin tan faster since it works like a reflector on the surface when sunbathing. This oil can draw and absorb natural light into your skin.

It also intensifies the UVB and UVA rays from the sun and makes them more powerful.

Does baby oil help you tan faster? Yes. It also works as a medium to facilitate the penetration of rays into the layers of your skin. People who use this oil report a deeper tan.

Is baby oil for tanning safe to use?

Whether you have been using baby oil or any other product for tanning the skin, you should know that the sun can damage your skin. Since baby oil makes sun rays more intense, it is not risk-free.

You have to be careful as you use baby oil while tanning since it can cause damage instead of helping your skin glow. Overexposing your skin to the sun while using baby oil can lead to severe complications.

It can cause short term or long term effects depending on how you use baby oil. It is possible to get a sunburn when you use baby oil and stay under the sun for long.

The UV radiation can damage the epidermis and send excess blood to the surface. This is what makes some people have red sunburns from using baby oil and sunbathing for hours.

The body can also accumulate the exposure to intense rays leading to severe problems such as:

  • Skin cancer
  • Photo-aging
  • Corneal damage

Your skin can start showing early signs of aging, such as the formation of wrinkles along the forehead and fine lines. Baby oil can, therefore, intensify the damage caused by excess UV radiation.

The deep penetration of UV rays into your skin can affect the cell DNA leading to cancerous tumors and growths. Such effects, however, depend on the sensitivity of your skin and overall body.

As you use this product before your tanning sessions, you should not forget such risks. Practice moderation while tanning to avoid such damage.

Despite safety concerns, people choose baby oil since it is cheaper compared to other tanning products.

If for some reason, you do not like using baby oil or having any problems with your skin. You can always use natural homemade oils for tanning.

How should you use baby oil for tanning?

You can prevent your skin from these risks by knowing the proper way to use baby oil for tanning. The process is not complicated.

When you want to tan with the help of baby oil, do it during a sunny day. Be careful in choosing the timing for your tanning session since UV rays change their intensity with time.

The sun rays are strongest during midday and weaker after 4 pm. If you have light skin, you should sunbathe during the evenings to avoid exposing your skin to strong rays.

This is also the right time to apply baby oil before going to the beach. Though you can use baby oil alone on the skin, mixing it with sunscreen is advisable. You get extra protection from this combination.

The sunscreen reduces the intensity of UV radiation on the skin. You only need a thin layer of baby oil mixed with sunscreen on your skin.

Staying in the sun for a short duration after this application should help you get a brown tan. Schedule a few short tanning sessions at least three times a week.

Such a schedule can give the skin adequate time to heal and prevent it from health issues. After tanning, you can also help hydrate your skin with other oils like argan oil or coconut oil.

Take enough water to boost hydration and keep your skin clean always. Exercising can also help you clear any minor problems on the surface, such as rashes and balance hormones in the body.

Final thoughts

Does baby oil help you tan faster? Yes. The oil attracts more rays from the sun to the surface of your skin. It facilitates faster and deeper absorption, which help you get an even tan.

This effect, however, comes with some risks like skin cancer, premature aging, and sunburns. You can still use baby oil for your tanning sessions and avoid such risks.

Start by reducing your sunbathing duration. We have also covered how you should apply baby oil for it to work to your advantage. Mix it with a good sunscreen and apply a moisturizer after tanning.

The secret to tanning with the help of baby oil lies in practicing moderation. Since your health is more crucial than achieving sexy skin, taking precautions should not be an option. Enjoy safe tanning!

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