Tan physics true color sunless tanner review

Are you in search of a self-tanner that makes your skin glow without a lot of adverse effects? You should consider getting this product. Learn more about it from our tan physics true color sunless tanner review.


You don’t have to spend hours under the sun for you to tan your skin. This can make you age faster since the UV rays from the sun are intense. Self-tanners can help you achieve the same results without a lot of risks.

The problem with most of them, however, is that they stick on the body and leave streaks which can be embarrassing. Avoid such issues by choosing this brand. We will discuss everything about Tan Physics, including its ingredients and how it works to give you a comprehensive review.



Introduction to tan physics sunless tanner

Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner 8 fl oz
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This is a self-tanner that claims to give you the desired skin tone faster. It is designed with true color formula which enables it to match different type of skin. According to the manufacturer, both light and dark people can benefit from sunless tanning.

The tanner also claims to hydrate and nourish your skin due to the incorporation of active ingredients that can boost skin health. It claims to give you a natural-looking skin tone with the correct application.

According to the website, tan physics is also easy to blend and apply. This means that you should not experience blotches after use. You can use it on both your face and body. It is therefore economical since you don’t need to buy an extra moisturizer for your skin.

The manufacturer also claims that the formula should adjust to your skin complexion automatically. 

What does Tan physics sunless tanner contain?

You can assess the effectiveness of a product by looking at its ingredients. The tanning formula of this sunless tanner comprises of mostly natural components. These are designed to boost the condition of your skin. Some of them include the following:

  • Argan oil

The company states that it includes this element due to its anti-aging properties. If you have wrinkles or fine lines on your skin, using this self-tanner can reduce them thanks to the inclusion of argan oil.

It also reduces stretch marks on the body and crow’s feet. A person with sensitive skin could also benefit from this product since argan oil soothes skin irritation. The ingredient also contains Vitamin E which manages dry skin.

  • Matrixyl

Don’t you want to look and feel younger for longer? You can achieve this effect with the help of tan physics, which contains Matrixyl. According to research, this component can increase the production of collagen in the skin and reduce fine lines on the surface.

It is a form of a small protein that is famous for its anti-aging benefits. The component can also stimulate your skin for enhanced cell turnover. It also helps conceal the appearance of spider and varicose veins on the surface.

  • Coconut oil

The problem with some of the tanners in the market is that they tend to clog the skin pores, delivering temporary results. That is why Tan Physics includes coconut oil in its formula. This is known to moisturize the skin without affecting the skin pores negatively.

It also creates a protective barrier on your skin and prevents you from irritations. Since it locks in the tan effectively, the tan does not wash away easily after bathing. You can, therefore, enjoy long-lasting tanning effects.

  • Hydrolyzed collagen

According to the manufacturer, this sunless tanner also contains hydrolyzed collagen, which enhances the elasticity of the skin. It is also meant to restore its strength and make it look firm. Despite such claims, there is no scientific evidence that backs this.

  • Sugar-based formulas and caramel

This company claims to have the highest quality self-tanners. They, however, fail to give us more details regarding how these formulas work.

  • DHA

Most of the self-tanners are known to consist of DHA in a certain percentage. This component reacts with the amino acids in the body to tan the skin. In most cases, the concentration of this component should range from 1-5%.

The problem with tan physics is that though it includes this active ingredient, it does not specify its concentration. You may not be able to tell how effective tan physics can be on your skin complexion.

The pros and cons of tan physics sunless tanner

According to our experience, we liked some of the aspects of this self-tanner but disliked others. For instance, we liked the moisturizing effect of this self-tanner. My dry skin does not look bad after applying it. We also like the way it helps the skin become soft and elastic.

Despite this, it tends to stain the hands even when you use gloves. Though the manufacturer claims that the product has a citrus smell, it smells more of chemicals than lemons. We were not impressed with the cost since some of the self-tanners give you a similar effect at a fair price.

Since it has a subtle color, you have to keep on applying it for you to get a darker tan. We, however, like the fact that this self-tanner dries fast.

Final thoughts

From our tan physics true color sunless tanner review, you can tell that this is a safe product. It not only works on your skin tone but also rejuvenates it. Though the price tag is high, the use of natural ingredients makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin. You should, however, be aware of its drawbacks so that you can determine if it is right for you.