Sun Tattoos and Tanning Stickers

When you want a tan, whether is using your favorite tanning lotion at home or getting a spray tan in the salon or tanning bed, or the natural sunlight, you aim to get the best tan ever. However, nobody wants tan lines. But what if the tan lines have a purpose? Tan stickers or a sun tattoo are creative ways of making marks or designs on your body while you’re getting a tan.

These sun tanning stickers create different forms and designs that are placed anywhere on your skin before the tanning procedure until your tanning session is over. You can use creative stickers throughout your tanning session to get some cool looking tan tattoos.

What are Sun Tattoos or Tan Stickers?

Sun tattoos are a simple way of obscuring parts of your skin so that you get a tan in the other parts of your body apart from where you’ve put a sticker. The stickers prevent that part of your skin from being tanned by the lotion or spray you’re going to use. Apart from using a tanning sticker to decorate your body, you can use it to compare your skin before and after tanning. They block the UV rays that darken your skin and also allow you to follow the development of your tan whether it’s from artificial light or basking in the sun.

Once you remove the sticker you create a tattoo-like effect on your skin. These sun tattoos are fresh and very attractive and pleasing to your eyes. They’re a great way of showing your individuality and a good way of making your tan more noticeable. Unlike traditional tattoos, suntan tattoos aren’t permanent and will disappear as your tan becomes lighter. You can use several stickers to create a design or just one if you’re going for a more subtle look. They’re safe and painless and make a very cute and noticeable embellishment that will surely get you noticed.

How to use Tan Stickers

It’s very simple and easy to use a tan sticker. You just need to make sure that you apply a tan sticker on dry skin because it will slide and fall off on wet or oily skin.

Here are a few steps you should follow:

  • Prepare your skin for tanning

This involves exfoliating your skin to remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. This will help your tan to last longer and also help create a more defined sun tattoo.

  • Select where to place your tan sticker

You most likely want to show off your sun tattoo so you need to choose a part of your body that is usually exposed like your arm, neck, ankles, and legs, and if you wear crop tops or love going to the beach, you can select your waist, thighs, back, and other areas that aren’t covered by your bikini or swimsuit. However, if your tanning sticker isn’t for design but functionality, you can select a part of your body that isn’t visible.

  • Apply your tanning product

Whether you choose to spray tan, use a self-tanner, tanning bed, or tan in the sun, the process is mostly the same. Throughout the application process, make sure the stickers stay in place. If you’re applying your tanning lotion, don’t rub too vigorously because you might accidentally remove the stickers although they’re made to withstand the tanning process.

  • Remove the sticker once your tan has developed

To make sure the sticker design is done well, avoid moving the sticker and allow it to stick on your skin for a few hours. You can only remove the sticker once you’ve developed a tan so that the skin underneath doesn’t react with the surrounding tanning agents.

Different types of tanning stickers

Tan stickers come in different shapes and sizes. Here are some common tan stickers you can use for your next tanning session.

Heart tanning stickers

3-Way Heart Tanning Stickers 50 Count
  • Makes 3 Heart stickers. Large, small or the outline.
  • This is for a 50 Count
  • Great for tanning with.

These are one of the most popular tan stickers because you can use them on any part of your body and still look good and are very versatile. They come in a roll of 50 stickers and you can use them as a large or small heart or an outline of a heart depending on what you prefer. You can also go for a single heart or a group of hearts for your tanning design.

Butterfly tanning stickers

Tanning Bed Stickers Butterfly 1000 CT by Butterfly Stickers
  • Butterfly Tanning Stickers
  • Great For Scrapbooking
  • 1000 Count Roll

Girls love butterflies, they remind you of freedom and happiness. They make a great tanning tattoo for the summer when you want to be free and they’re also a simple sign of beauty. You can place one of a group of these cute insects on your shoulder, ankle, or arm to give an adorable tattoo.

Kissing lip tanning stickers

Hcode Adhesive Red Kissing Lip Stickers Sexy Body Decoration Stickers Total 500 Pieces
  • ❤ 500 red kissing lip stickers stickers.
  • ❤1.6‘’ wide and 1.1'' tall.
  • ❤ Portable and easy for storage.

Sunburst tanning stickers

Nothing spells sun-kissed better than a kissing lip tan tattoo on your nape or neck. You can play around with these self-adhesive stickers and place them on parts of your body that will show off your new tan in a flirty and sexy way.

With this tanning sticker, you’re literally leaving the sun autographed on your body. Although it won’t make you tan faster with the sun tattooed on your skin, it will surely make the wait worthwhile. It’s a bright and cheerily sun tattoo that will make you look cool wearing it.

Palm tree tanning stickers

Palm Tree Tanning Stickers 1000 Ct Roll
  • Tanning Bed Stickers
  • Scrapbooking Stickers
  • Even fun for kids!

If you love spending time at the beach, this cool palm tree tattoo sticker will make the perfect tan tattoo. You can this will leave a very unique print on your sun-kissed skin and is a nice way of appreciating this tropical staple.

Where you can but tanning stickers

While most tanning salons usually provide you with tanning stickers for free or at a cheap price, you can also shop from online stores like Amazon that will provide you with a large variety of tanning stickers to choose from and even buy in bulk at a cheap price. If you’re going for a more natural look, you can pick some shells on the beach and use them to create creative impressions on your body with sunscreen.

Benefits of tanning stickers

Tanning stickers are a way of creating beautiful and creative body art to show off your tan. Apart from being decorative, they also play a functional role.

Decorative body art

Tanning stickers come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes from hearts, dolphins, flowers, and even tribal designs. You’ll be getting a tattoo that’s not painful, permanent, or colorful. These stickers make your tanned skin look more attractive and interesting and a nice way of standing out. They also give you ideas for when you decide to get your first permanent tattoo.


These stickers are also functional and serve as an easy way of comparing the differences in your tan before and after. Since the skin under the sticker is your natural color, you can compare it with your tanned skin and see how dark it will tan. You can also see how your tanning lotion is building color and when you’ve achieved the tan color you wanted.

Final thoughts

Sun tattoos and tan stickers are beautiful and attractive ways of making your tan look more stunning. You can place them at any part of your body that is noticeable to give you a fresh look.