Simple Tips for Spray Tan for Wedding

There’s so much to do before your big day, from getting the perfect wedding dress, venue, to make sure that you look flawless and beautiful on your wedding day. Apart from your makeup and beautiful hair, getting a spray can make you look even more amazing.

However, do you need a spray tan for your wedding? Every bride dreams of having that beautiful bronze glow on their wedding day. You want to look and feel your best as you take some of the most important photos of your life. If you’re getting a spray tan for your wedding, it’s recommended that you get a spray tan at least 2 days before your wedding. This will give your spray tan plenty of time to set completely on your skin and also time to take a few showers to remove any bronzer on your skin to soften your tan to give you that perfect look.

Tips to get the perfect wedding spray tan

We’ve all gone through some self-tanning errors like applying a shade too dark, getting streaks, or missing a patch here and there, but you should avoid these mishaps on your wedding day.

  • Do your research

Make an appointment with your spray tan artist just like you would for your hair and nails so that you can build a relationship and help you both get the best color for your unique skin tone. The best time to do this is after you’ve chosen the design of your dress so that you can know how much skin you’ll be showing. This will help your spray tan artist to contour your body in the right places to give you a healthy, toned look

  • Get a spray tan trial

After finding your spray tan artist, it’s time to have a tan trial run to help you get the color just right. This is the time you work with your spray tan artist to choose the perfect shade that will give you a natural-looking tan for your big day. If you’re going to wear a white, ivory, or cream wedding dress, your tan should look darker because of the lighter shade of your dress. Since you’ll be standing next to your groom and family, you want a natural-looking tan that will ensure that you don’t look out of place. You can also ask all the questions you have before your wedding so that you can be more prepared and feel more confident. You can schedule a trial run a month or 2 weeks to your wedding day.

  • Test your spray tan color

After your first spray tan trial run, leave your tan to set for 8 hours, then wash it off in the morning. However, if you want a very light tan, try using a gradual self-tanner or wash off your professional spray tan after 5-6 hours to make it really light. Wear something that has a similar shade to your wedding dress and take a picture of yourself to see how it looks during the day and how it reflects. Repeat the same on the second day, but by this time all the spray tan guide color has washed off and no tan residue will rub off inside your clothes.

  • Spray tan preparation

When preparing for your big day, it’s best to get your spray tan done 2 days before the event so that your tan has ample time to set so that it doesn’t transfer to your dress. Make sure you don’t apply any self-tan for at least 2 weeks before your wedding to ensure that your skin is clean and fresh. Also, exfoliate 2 days before using an exfoliation scrub or an oil-free scrub, and pay more attention to your elbows, knees, and feet. The day you’re going for your tan, don’t apply any moisturizer on your body because it will interfere with your tan and the uniformity of the color.

  • Post spray tan care

After getting your spray tan, you must take care of it so that it fades evenly and still looks good even after 2 weeks. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your tan.

  1. After your tanning session, don’t wash your hands if you don’t want to have white hands and brown arms.
  2. Avoid water or moisture even sweat from working out for at least 4-5 hours after your spray tan and if you have to drink, use a straw so you don’t wet your top lip and turn it white.
  3. When you shower, take a cold shower since hot water can quickly strip off your tan. Wait at least 4 hours before you take a shower, but no longer than 24 hours. Use your palm to gently rinse off and avoid using drying soaps, harsh scrubbing, or other chemicals.
  4. After day 4 of your tan, use an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized to prevent your skin from drying out. This will help your tan fade evenly and last longer.
  5. Before you put on your wedding dress, apply some talcum powder on the areas where your dress is tight so that you don’t sweat and make your tan run on your dress.
  6. Exfoliate at least 3-4 days after you’re tan so that it fades evenly.
  7. You must wax and shave at least 24 hours before, but if you have to shave your legs on the day of your wedding, use an electric shave that will only shave off the top layer of your hair and not strip you’re tan.
  8. Avoid touching your skin as much as possible so that you don’t mess up your spray tan before your wedding day.

Final thoughts

If you think getting a spray tan for your wedding will make you feel beautiful and confident on your big day, you should go for it. Just be sure of the tan color you want, prepare your skin properly for your spray tan, and know how to take care of it afterward so you can enjoy your wedding day with a beautiful glow.