Should You Get a Spray Tan before Vacation?

As you plan to head out for your vacation, you may be planning on returning home with a tan, but there are many reasons why you should get a spray tan before you start your vacation. You not only get to focus on enjoying your vacation with family and friends, but you also get to spend less time basking in the sun. You also achieve that beautiful looking skin you want without the risks that come with sun tanning.

Why should you get a spray tan before you go on vacation?

  • You look and feel great

A spray tan is supposed to give you a darker skin tone that will help you look healthy and boost your confidence. Instead of looking like a white pasty person who spends all her time indoors, you’ll look like a healthy tanned gal/guy who loves the outdoors.

  • Your features are more defined

With darker skin your teeth will look whiter, you’ll have a more defined jawline and cheekbones, and you’ll have a better complexion as the dark shade on your skin will help to reduce the appearance of your blemishes like scars, pimples, and spots.

  • You look more tanned

If you’re going on a vacation, most likely you’ll spend most of the time in your swimsuit or swim shorts strutting up and down the beach. If you’re single you’ll have a better chance of finding some summer love if you look tanned.

  • You look more toned

Apart from giving you a more defined look, a spray tan will really make your muscles pop or your body outline be more flattering for women. You’ll have more defined curves and body outlines with smooth and glowing skin. 

Benefits of getting a spray tan before your vacation

You don’t want to be on the beach with pale white skin. A spray tan will help you feel more confident to enjoy yourself and you don’t have to expose yourself to harmful UV rays.

  • It will save you a lot of time so instead of arriving at your holiday destination and starting to work on your tan, you can do many other things. Since you already have that perfect golden glow before you go on the plane, you can make the most of the time you have on your vacation to explore and enjoy the different sceneries.
  • One of the most important benefits of getting a spray tan before your vacation is that you get to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays when you’re sitting outside. Since you’re already tanned and have that beautiful golden glow, you have less of a desire to sit in the sun. And if you’re going to spend time outdoors, you’ll avoid being burned because your skin already looks tanned and beautiful.
  • You want to feel and look good on your vacation and a spray tan will help you with that. And since you’re not going to be hitting the gym on your vacation, tanning your body will make it easier to skip the gym and still look great.
  • You will arrive at your holiday destination already beautiful, bronzed, and feeling great ready to enjoy your vacation the way you want. You will already have the look you want whether you’re meeting old friends, socializing, making friends, or taking great vacation photos.

How to Get a Spray Tan before your Vacation

No one wants to go on vacation with a tan and not show it off at the beach or pool, so arriving flawlessly bronzed for your vacation is the perfect way to start your holiday to give you the confidence you need to get into your bikini and enjoy yourself.

The best way to ensure your spray tan lasts longer and be able to swim in the pool and ocean is to exfoliate properly before your tan, then moisturize and reapply your self-tanner more frequently. What is more important is not to stay in the water for long periods, because the longer you stay, the more water seeps into your skin cells causing your skin to wrinkle, well, and allow your outer skin layer to separate with your tan.

  • Exfoliate

Properly exfoliate before you’re tan using an exfoliating mitt or gloves and a mild, non-moisturizing cleanser gel at least twice a day before your tanning session. If you exfoliate your skin properly and apply your spray tan on clean, dry skin that is product-free and take a shower before sweating, your tan won’t runoff or drip.

  • Use a gradual self-tanner

A few days before you go on your vacation, apply a gradual self-tanner so you can monitor your tan, and not go overboard. If you get too dark before leaving for your vacation and plan to tan when you’re there, you might come back looking less tanned than before.

  • Test your fresh tan in water

A fresh spray tan is better in terms of persistence than a week old tan because your skin cells are still intact and harder to separate by water. So it’s better to have your tanning session 1-2 days before you go to the beach or pool. You can do a test run to see how well your tan holds up in the water. Instead of getting a very dark tone, it’s advisable to get a light to light-medium tan so there’s less contrast between your natural tone and your tan.

  • Limit your swimming sessions

By swimming in short intervals of 15 minutes or less, you reduce the rate your tan fades as you swim. Make sure to pat your skin dry after getting out of the pool, but don’t rub yourself dry. Use a thick, waterproof lotion-based sunscreen to help slow down your tan’s fading or use a sports sunscreen used by surfers as it sticks on your skin for longer.

  • Reapply your spray tan

After swimming, gently cleanse any sunscreen and water on your skin, rinse and pat dry. Then reapply your spray tan to rebuild any faded color.

Final thoughts

Getting a spray tan before your vacation will help you feel like a million bucks and you get to save on time so you can enjoy every moment with confidence and make lasting memories with loved ones.