Snooki My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion Review – Is This The Best Bronzing Lotion For You?

Are you looking for a bronzing lotion that is both effective and has style? The Snooki brand is popular for the tanning products, and this Snooki My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion review is all about the trendy bronzing lotion that will leave you ready for the summer.

This popular bronzing lotion comes from a company that has been in the sunless tanning business for years. Sun Evolutions has ProTan, Supre Tan, Fiesta Sun, BWL, and Vineyard Grapes as the main skincare brands. This unique lotion is under the Supre Tan line of products on the official website.

Supre Tan was the beginning of the tanning-products tradition that Sun Evolutions holds from over 20 years ago till now. With high-quality and skin-friendly ingredients, along with modern technology, you get effective and innovative skincare products like the bronzing lotion. The packaging is also creative and adds some style to the user’s entire look.

What To Expect From The Lotion

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Having a bronzing lotion that is easy to use without messing your tan up is a huge benefit that comes with this product. The lotion is made for use on the go; whether indoors, in the tanning salon, or outdoors. The golden beach glow is available at a low price.

According to the company, there are no parabens or DHA in Snooki My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion. The lotion is also specially formulated to build and lengthen the life of your tan. Whether laying in the sun at the beach or spending time indoors, Snooki Dark Bronzing Lotion will leave the skin radiant and moisturized at the same.

What Are The Key Features?

The Snooki Tanning Collection by Nicole Polizzi is impressive and has a variety of tanning products to choose from depending on preferred results. Along with the dark bronzing lotion, all Snooki tanning products are about style and attitude, and the advanced formula has amazing extracts and ingredients that produce varying and dramatic dark outcomes.

Key Ingredients

The active ingredients in the bronzing lotion determine how well the tan will be and how enjoyable it will feel on the skin. Notable vital ingredients in the product include Matcha, Aloe Vera, natural bronzers, and tan enhancers. Together, the contents make your tan last long both indoors and outdoors.

The Aloe Vera, Matcha, and Green Tea combination form a powerful antioxidant mix that is beneficial for the skin. The combo hydrates the skin and keeps it soft while minimizing redness on any part of your body. Natural bronzers like erythrulose and henna and a couple of melanin stimulators create an amazing tan and a golden beach glow.

Consistency and Scent

When opening the tube, the lotion has a light tan color that is close to caramel or beige. The consistency is medium, light, and runs well on the fingers and into the skin. The lotion absorbs right in and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without the greasy feel that is common in some tanning and bronzing lotions.

Also, the bronzing lotion has a unique and light tropical scent to it that isn’t overbearing to the nose. There’s a hint of coconut and pineapple that can the company describes as a Pina Colada scent. Overall, the smell is light, pleasant, and long-lasting.


Some bronzers and tanning lotions are limited to indoor use. With this product, the lotion can be applied whether indoors, out in the sun, or as your go-to when visiting the tanning salon – it comes in handy when you are traveling or in a rush. There are no splotches, streaks, or an unnatural-looking orange left behind.

There’s also value for money with a Snooki Dark Bronzing Lotion purchase. For nine oz., the price is quite pocket-friendly compared to many other tanning and bronzing lotions that aren’t always effective even with their high price tags. Smooth skin, minimal redness, an even and natural-looking bronze hue, and adequate hydration make Snooki Bronzing Lotion the ideal beach-glow lotion.


  • Affordable
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Contains antioxidants and natural bronzers
  • Hydrates while bronzing
  • Light and lovely fragrance


  • The smell is unpleasant for some users
  • May cause reactions in users with sensitive skin types


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Final Word

This fun and effective bronzing lotion creates an irresistible package all round. Not only is it affordable, but the natural ingredients add a tender touch to the whole bronzing experience. The Snooki My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion is quite easy to use without professional help, and the natural bronzers and melanin stimulators steer your tan clear from an orange look.

While the bronzing lotion can give an amazing and even hue, it does not contain sunscreen. Investing in the tanning lotion can protect your skin from sunburn caused by extensive sun exposure or tanning beds.