How To Use Tan Accelerator For Sunbeds

Summer is around the corner and you want to get a nice tan for heading out to the beach. That means you have the perfect chance to show off your skin, which also gives you the chance to give your skin some extra TLC.

One of the many ways to do that is indulging yourself in a luxury tan accelerator, especially when you are not very sure about fake tan bottles – believe us, you are not alone. In addition, if you are a huge fan of getting a subtle glow that makes propel stop and admire you, then tan accelerators are set to become your best friends. If you have never used them before, read up on our short guide to these must-have items.

What are tan accelerators?

These are similar to tanning lotions, although they give the skin a more luxurious feel when you head in for a tanning session.

They work through increasing the rate of the natural tanning process in your skin, which means you get bronze glows faster than if you were using a normal tanning lotion. The ingredients encourage the cells in your skin to produce melanin, and the good news is that it is safe to use on various skin tones.

You should note something though. A tan accelerator is never supposed to replace your sunscreen, so always maintain the use of SPF when you go out or stay in.

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The advantage of tan accelerators

These have great advantages that you can stand to benefit from. They include:

  • They do not leave you with streaks, or leave the skin orange. This is because they lack DHA pigments or color.
  • They hydrate the skin very well through their ingredients. This helps to reduce flaking, dehydration and peeling. These ingredients include coconut and carrot oils, aloe vera, almond, olive and wheat germ oils, henna, and cocoa butter.
  • The effects last longer than a fake tan, since it stimulates the actual production off melanin that results in a gentle, more natural glow of the skin.

How to use it

The application process is the same as that of the usual tanning lotion. The best place to apply it would be a tanning salon, as the application is more even. In addition, make sure to exfoliate your skin first, as the tanning accelerator works better on clean skin.

  • Squeeze a good amount in the palm of your hand. You are better off with too much on your skin rather than too little
  • Rub it evenly on your skin, as you do not want dark patches
  • Be careful with the amounts you apply on your face – particularly around your hairline, nostrils or under your eyes
  • Before tanning, remove the lotion from in between your fingers and your palms.

Final thoughts

While the use of tanning accelerators is fairly recent, you stand to gain more long-lasting benefits from it due to the stimulation of melanin production. Consider using it more often, as it proves just as effective as using a tanning lotion.

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