How To Apply Indoor Tanning Lotion With Bronzer

If you are among the people that think the application of tanning lotion is simply rubbing it in, go for a tan session, and then wash it off, then your assumption is incorrect. In fact, there is a specified plan of action when applying the substance on your skin, unlike regular lotion.

Each tanning lotion will come with its own set of instructions (you can find these on the bottle). However, what happens if you are in a rush? What do you do when you cannot read the instructions because of illegibility? What happens when the sticker containing the instructions comes off?

In such cases, you will need some help (and understandably so). Here are some general guidelines to help you when such a situation occurs.

Why use tanning lotion anyway?

You might think that you do not need a tanning lotion before heading for a tan session. However, you will need it for creating a glowing tan – otherwise, you will end up with splotchy skin that looks dry and unattractive.

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Types of bronzer tanning lotions

DNA bronzers

These are also classified as self-tanners, although they will not provide you with instant results. The effects if the lotion actually appears after some hours, while the coloration begins to show up within some days.

The main ingredient that is in use here is DHA, or dihydroxyacetone. This speeds up all the amino acids that are in your skin and uses them to form melaninoids that darken the skin with time. The correct bronzing lotion will determine your level of success with getting a perfect tan, since the amounts of DHA will differ between lotions.

In addition, note that DHA will affect dead skin cells only. Therefore, its results are temporary, as the skin sheds in a few days, which makes it necessary to reapply the lotion.

As a general rule, the best levels of DHA for each skin type are:

  • 12% for brown skin types (type IV)
  • 10% for medium skin color (types III and IV)
  • 5-8% for pale skin (types I and II)

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Natural bronzers

These have natural ingredients, particularly herbal extracts, making them chemical-free. They will need frequent reapplication, as the results only last for a few days.

The hydration and moisture to the skin is also quite high, and they improve the circulation of oxygen to the skin. All this improves the natural tanning process.

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How to use it

  • Squeeze a good amount in the palm of your hand. You are better off with too much on your skin rather than too little
  • Rub it evenly on your skin, as you do not want dark patches
  • Be careful with the amounts you apply on your face – particularly around your hairline, nostrils or under your eyes
  • Before tanning, remove the lotion from in between your fingers and your palms.

Final thoughts

It is important to use tanning lotion carefully in order to get the best results. Hopefully, these tips will assist you to make the best choice when selecting a lotion and using it effectively.