What to Wear During and After a Spray Tan

Are you looking forward to your spray tanning appointment? You may have concerns regarding what to wear when getting a spray tan. Experts recommend black, lose outfits, or going naked.

This can help you get an even tan. Most people, however, shy away from exposing a lot of skin, therefore, get confused regarding the right clothing to choose.

Though finding the right clothing may not be easy, choosing the wrong outfits can lead to ugly tan lines on particular body parts. If you are uncomfortable about spray tanning without clothes, this is for you.

The clothing you choose determines how effective spray tanning will be. Our article discusses everything you should know about the dressing for a spray tan.

We will teach you how to select your attire before the spray tanning session and also talk about what to wear afterward. Find out more!

Why is Spray Tan Clothing Essential?

During tanning, you should focus on comfort. The right clothing can help you remain comfortable throughout the session.

Spray tanning has specific prerequisites which you need to follow before the session. Since spray tanning can be complicated, it cannot go well with everyday clothes.

Wearing the right clothes helps you prevent tan lines and enables you to achieve even tanning. Since the tan should cover the entire body, the wrong clothes can prevent some parts from the tan.

That is why the best option for a spray tanning session would be to go in naked. This ensures that the chemicals work on all body parts without the interference from clothes.

If this is not a good option for you, worry not because we have other solutions.

What to Wear During your Spray Tan?

Before you get all excited about your appointment, you need to plan what to wear when getting a spray tan. The following are suitable for the session:

  • A disposable thong

During a spray tan session, some trails of the tanning solutions may run down your stomach to your crotch. When wearing underwear, its fabric can easily absorb the extra tanning solution flowing down.

You should therefore not put on your best pair of panties before a spray tanning appointment. Try to put on loose underwear which you can dispose of after the session.

In most salons, customers can buy disposable thongs before spray tanning. They sell such undergarments at reasonable prices.

  • Tanning solutions

Though this is not a garment, you should wear a tanning solution before you go for spray tanning. Apply an accelerator or bronzer one hour before the appointment.

  • Feet sticky pads

You don’t want to stain your feet from spray tanning, do you? Try to get feet sticky pads to prevent this. They can also keep you safe from infectious diseases.

Tan feet protectors are easy to use but get damaged easily. Try to find one that can last long from Amazon such as Maximist. It is designed with Eva foam material that makes it sturdy and durable.

What to Wear After the Spray Tan?

Once you are through with the tanning process, what to wear after that can also affect the overall results. Some people experience skin allergies and irritations after spray tanning.

This occurs in people with sensitive skin types. The attire you put on after you session is of equal importance as during the spray tanning appointment.

Wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes can damage your tan. You should, therefore, know what to wear after getting a spray tan. Stick to the following suggestions:

  • Choose loose-fitting clothes

For the tan to work well, it has to remain on the skin surface for some time. Putting on tight clothes after spray tanning can prevent this. Loose garments cannot mess the tanning solution on the skin.

We recommend buying a long dress that has sleeves. It should also be made of a high-quality material such as cotton to increase comfort. It can help you feel relaxed after your tanning session.

  • Dark clothes

Apart from clothes being loose, the color of the garments you choose after spray tanning also matters. Tanning solutions contain a lot of chemicals that can easily stain your clothes.

This means that wearing designer outfits after spray tanning is not advisable. Dark-colored clothes are ideal since they don’t react fast with the bronzer and help you stay hygienic.

  • Flip flops

If you are a frequent tanner, you must have heard people complaining about their legs not tanning as fast as the rest of the body parts. This could be a result of putting on the wrong footwear after tanning.

During tanning, the tanner works hard to help you achieve the same skin tone throughout your body. Your legs can, therefore, tan if you wear flip flops after the session.

  • Skirts

Spray tanning for women can be more effective compared to men since they can wear skirts. Putting on a skirt after a spray tanning appointment exposes your legs to help you get an even tan.

In a skirt, the legs get fresh air which works wonders on the tan. It also saves extra fabric from being stained.

  • Perfume

Some of the spray tanners smell bad due to the chemicals in them. If you have scheduled an appointment during a working day, you can perfume the clothes you intend to wear after the session.

Avoid using body spray or deodorant. A good perfume should be enough to cover up the smell of the spray tanner after the session.

You can, therefore, comfortably go back to work without smelling like malty biscuits.


Spray tan clothes play a significant role in the development of the tan. Choosing the right clothes during and after the session can prevent you from disappointments.

Before you blame the spray tanner for not working in your favor, try to change your tanning attire. Remember to wear loose and dark clothes for the session.

Afterward, you can put on a skirt and flip-flops. Enjoy your session!

Also, dont forget to apply lotion after you are done with spray tan.

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