How long does Tan Last

This is a very common question that has been asked by tan lovers, but there’s no definite answer because everyone is different. This means whether you got your tan naturally or using a sunbed you will lose your tan differently. The lifespan of your tan will depend on the type of tan it is, your … Read more

Best Tanning Oil

Most people by now know that when you lie for too long in the sun you will damage your skin. And no matter how beautiful that sun-kissed glow is, any darkening of your skin tone is considered to be skin damage. However, this will not stop you from getting that glowing tan by lying out … Read more

Spray Tan Colors

The color of the human skin is because of the presence of melanin in your skin. Different people have different skin colors from black to white with a hint of pink because of the blood vessels underneath your skin. There are different variations in skin color mostly because of your genes, but you can darken … Read more