How to Avoid Orange Spray Tan

Every woman wants that gorgeous bronze skin tone, but spray tan mishaps can happen to the best of us and it can leave you with an orange look that’s not a good look. This can be as a result of using the wrong product for your skin tone and skin type, you left the product … Read more

Can You Tan Without Lotion?

Tanning lotions have been formulated to help capture the UV rays while tanning to speed up and improve the quality of your tan. Many of these lotions consist of natural ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut oil, coffee oils, and more that keep your skin moisturized and intensify your tanning process. However, others contain sunscreen and … Read more

Best Spray tan Primer 2022 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Getting a tan has a way of giving you an instant confidence boost, the perfect way to hide your blemishes and imperfections, allows you to try bold makeup, and leaves your skin with a nice glow. Spray tans are an easy and fast way of giving you that golden, summer glow without damaging your skin. … Read more

Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside?

Both indoor and outdoor tanning lotions can give you that golden glowing skin complexion that you’ll not get with just sunbathing. However, indoor tanning lotions are very different from your typical suntan lotion that is created to be used outdoors. Although it’s possible to use an indoor tanning lotion outside, you need to be careful … Read more

Best Tanning Goggles for Eye Safety

Are you a frequent spa visitor? Though a salon may provide goggles for your tanning sessions, buying your own pair is wise. The best tanning goggles gives your eyes protection against radiation. Today, we will discuss not only some of the best tanning goggles but also why they are important. We will also guide you … Read more

Best Self Tanner For Redheads in 2022

In many parts of the world having tanned skin is considered beautiful, but if you have red hair it can be difficult to acquire a tan. The best indoor tanning lotion for redheads can make things easier for you. Instead of acquiring a great tan, most redheads end up burning their skin, so for you … Read more

Reflective tanning blankets – Should you use them?

Reflective tanning blankets are used to tan the hard to reach areas in the body, however achieving a perfect skin tan is next to impossible; but people can still adopt different tanning method for a flawless tan. What a reflective blanket does is that it attracts the sun’s rays to your body and then reflects … Read more

Best Self-Tanner for Pregnancy

The main question for pregnant ladies is weather they can use self tanner. The general answer is yes, self tanner is safe to use even when pregnant. However, we would recommend you to use the one that are made organically and use natural incredients to be extra precautis. Note: Dont take this article as an … Read more