Can You Get Tan When it’s Cloudy

In a hurry? To answer your question quickly. Yes, you can tan when its cloudy. But i would defiently recommend you to use a tanning oil for better looking tan. Did i tel you that its also super affordable? Check this one out. 

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During the beginning of summer, everybody is eager to find the perfect spot to tan their skin through the sun. Many people, however, are not eager to tan their skin during cloudy days.

They assume that tanning when it is cloudy is not possible. Experts reveal that you can still tan even when it is cloudy since some of the UV rays can penetrate the clouds and get to your skin.

When the UV rays find their way into your skin, they enhance the production of melanin, which gives your skin the desired tan. Since tanning when it is cloudy is possible, you should avoid spending too much time outdoors to avoid a burn.

For you to understand how tanning when it is cloudy works, you should find out more regarding the UV rays in relation to your skin. Read on!

How Does Tanning Through the Clouds Work?

Just because the sun does not seem to appear does not mean that you cannot achieve glowing skin. Even when the day is cloudy, your skin is still exposed to the UV rays. Research reveals that about 90% of these rays penetrate through the clouds and reach the surface of the earth.

This means that tanning for hours, even on a cloudy day, can put your skin under the risk of severe problems.

All the UV rays that are responsible for the tanning of the skin can still get to you even when it is cloudy or misty. Some people also assume that getting a tan during the winter is impossible since the sun is not powerful enough.

Experts tend to disagree with this since UV radiation can still penetrate the clouds even when the surface is icy. It is, therefore, not the visible light that makes your skin tan but rather the UV rays.

This means that you should take the same precautionary measures when tanning on cloudy days as you do when the sun is scorching.

Thick clouds may not allow too much penetration of the UV rays, but they can still make you get a nice tan if you don’t spend too much time under them. For you to achieve a bronze looking skin on a cloudy day, you should follow the right tanning procedure.

Tips To Achieve a Beautiful Looking Tan on a Cloudy Day

Choose the right time to tan

For you to avoid overexposure to harmful rays, you must mind the time you want to tan even when it is cloudy. Tanning early in the morning before 10 am or in the evening after 4 pm is advisable. These periods are perfect for your tanning sessions since the UV rays are not as intense as tanning during the mid-morning. When you tan during such durations, you reduce the risk of a burn. If you have pale skin, you need to be keen on this because your likelihood of developing red patches from tanning in intense UV rays is higher than a person who has a darker complexion.

Pick the right spot

Even when it is cloudy, it is easy to identify spots that have minimal cloud coverage. Though UV rays can penetrate clouds, tanning under less cloudy spots helps you achieve the desired effects fast. You should, however, reduce the period of your tanning session to avoid burning your skin.

Avoid tanning in a spot that has a shadow of a fence, building, or even trees.

Ensure you use a tanning lotion before your session

You can promote the development of a bronzed look by applying effective and safe tanning lotion. This can also help your skin tan faster and keep it moisturized. Ensure that you get a tanning lotion that is suitable for your skin tone, then apply it all over your body.

If you have dry skin, you should get the right oil rather than a lotion to keep your skin moisturized. Consider buying a tanning lotion with low SPF since it can give your skin maximum protection during tanning. Ensure you adhere to the directions on the product label correctly.

It is not advisable to apply baby oil even when tanning on a cloudy day since it can fasten the tanning process and cause skin damage.

A sunscreen may slow down the tanning process, but it can give your skin excellent protection against UVA and UVB rays. We recommend using the sunscreen mentioned below. 

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Look for a Lounge Chair or a Comfortable Towel

You need to identify what you feel more comfortable using during tanning. Elongate your entire body during tanning so that you don’t develop uneven patches on some parts.

Spread your legs and arms to expose them entirely to the rays. The point is not to have some body parts remaining pale as the rest darken. You should also avoid maintaining one position for long. Keep on turning on your back and sides so that every area gets tanned.

Ensure that you tan each size for at least 10 minutes before rotating. You can even use a timer to avoid tanning one part for longer than recommended.

If your skin is pale, you should consider tanning on a few cloudy days for short periods. This helps your body build up a tan gradually without the risk of damage. Maintain the same length of time for all your tanning sessions.

Care for your Skin after the Tanning Session

Once you have spent some quality time under the clouds, you need to bathe to get rid of dirt, sweat, or lotion on the surface of your skin.

Take a cold shower instead of a hot one after tanning to prevent drying out of the skin. You should also avoid exfoliating the skin after tanning since this can make it appear lighter and affect the tan. You can apply a moisturizer when your skin is clean and dry.

Ensure you use one that is made from natural oils. You should not apply petroleum jelly after tanning since this tends to lock in excess heat. We recommend the moisturizer mentioned below. 

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Whether it is sunny or cloudy, achieving a nice looking tan is possible due to the presence of UV rays. You should, therefore, avoid overexposing your skin when tanning on a cloudy day. The tips above can help you achieve the desired results quickly. 

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