Best Nipple cover for Tanning 2023 {Buying Guide and Reviews}

Are you planning to go for a tanning session? You have to make a lot of considerations. The breasts are quite sensitive, and finding the best nipple cover for tanning can keep them safe.

Unlike the rest of the body parts, the nipples are rarely exposed to sufficient sun. Since they are soft and tender, tanning without protecting them can lead to itchiness. They can also get discolored easily or form cracks.

We can help you prevent yourself from such situations by discussing some of the best nipples covers the market offers for tanning. We will also give you insights on how to choose the best one. 

Wingslove Women 3Pairs Nipple Cover Adhesive Bra Reusable Silicone Pasties (Diameter...
Ayliss 10Pairs Flower Pasties Breast Nipple Cover Stick on Bra Disposable Beige
DoHope Disposable Nipple Covers Non Woven Adhesive No Show Breast Petal Pasties (10 Pairs, Round...
Wingslove Women 3Pairs Nipple Cover Adhesive Bra Reusable Silicone Pasties (Diameter...
Ayliss 10Pairs Flower Pasties Breast Nipple Cover Stick on Bra Disposable Beige
DoHope Disposable Nipple Covers Non Woven Adhesive No Show Breast Petal Pasties (10 Pairs, Round...
Wingslove Women 3Pairs Nipple Cover Adhesive Bra Reusable Silicone Pasties (Diameter...
Wingslove Women 3Pairs Nipple Cover Adhesive Bra Reusable Silicone Pasties (Diameter...
Ayliss 10Pairs Flower Pasties Breast Nipple Cover Stick on Bra Disposable Beige
Ayliss 10Pairs Flower Pasties Breast Nipple Cover Stick on Bra Disposable Beige
DoHope Disposable Nipple Covers Non Woven Adhesive No Show Breast Petal Pasties (10 Pairs, Round...
DoHope Disposable Nipple Covers Non Woven Adhesive No Show Breast Petal Pasties (10 Pairs, Round...

1)Tanning tips

Do you prefer sunbathing rather than using other techniques to tan your body?  You should choose nipple covers that can stick to the surface of your skin. This nipple cover does not let you down. It remains on the skin even if you move around.

Moving is a requirement of getting an even tan, especially under the sun. That is why the manufacturer of this brand uses self-adhesive to design this nipple cover. They are silicone gel covers that keep your sensitive skin from drying, burning, or cracking.

The best nipple cover for tanning should also be soft on the nipples. This brand is made of high-quality materials that increase comfort when using them. They are so smooth such that they make you feel as if you are not using anything. They are also unique since they can moisturize and lubricate your skin.

Since UV rays can be quite intense at different periods within the day, you need nipple covers that can block these rays. Tanning tips can prevent at least 70% of UV rays. Though you can use creams or towels for the same purpose, these solutions produce uneven results. Using a nipple cover gives you utmost protection while at the same time helping you achieve an even tan.

Once you use them, you don’t have to dispose them of and buy an extra pair for your next tanning session. You can always wash and reuse them. Unfortunately, Tanning tips come with a plastic part that peels off easily. The plastic portion can also build up heat easily, leading to an itching sensation.


  • They come in different colors
  • Tanning tips cover the entire nipple
  • They are easy to put on


  • Frequent use can make them not stick as desired
  • The material used can be too rigid

2)Braza petal tops

Braza petal tops are water-proof, making them ideal for wet conditions. You don’t have to worry about the nipple covers accumulating sweat. The center part of the nipple covers is quite tender. This ensures that you can remove them with ease without experiencing any pain.

The manufacturer makes use of cotton polyester to design these nipple covers. Since they are 100% stretchy, they conform to the shape of the breasts, preventing the formation of wrinkles. They also eliminate the development of tell-tale edges which tend to appear through clothing.

If you are tan often, you should get this nipple covers. A pack contains 15 pairs of nipple covers. Braza petal tops also include a non-sensitizing adhesive which helps them remain on the surface of your skin as expected. They do not irritate the nipples. You cannot choose from different colors.


  • A pack has a lot of pairs
  • They stretch well
  • Come in high-quality material


  • They only come in one color

3) DoHope pasties

DoHope Disposable Nipple Covers Non Woven Adhesive No Show Breast Petal Pasties (10 Pairs, Round...
  • Made from a knitted material that stretches and conforms to the breast. Wear once and toss.
  • Package:10 pairs of disposable nipple cover stickers. Protects sensitive nipples, Ideal for wearing...
  • Two styles for option, round shape and flower shape. Pls select your favorite type.

If you are in search of disposable nipple covers, look no further. You can use a pair of these nipple covers once and still have enough for your next tanning session. They come in 10 pairs and have various shapes. You can either choose a flower or round-shaped nipple covers of this brand. Their shapes enable them to cover the entire nipple area during tanning.

The best nipple cover for tanning should be made from cotton polyester, and DoHope pasties are no exception. This material ensures that the nipple covers are comfortable on the sensitive part of the skin. They also contain biological adhesive glue that makes them stick on the nipple throughout the tanning process. The adhesive also ensures that the sun does not heat the nipples directly. They, therefore, prevent the accumulation of sweat in one position.

The material used in making them is knitted. It stretches well such that it takes up the shape of your breasts to give you ample protection against UV radiation. You can also put them on with a strapless dress or when you want to go swimming.

You should not have any trouble trying to attach or remove Dohopes pasties. Ensure you use water when detaching them from the body. Water can weaken the adhesive and help the covers slide off without causing pain.

Since the nipple covers are water-proof, you can wear them with a bathing suit. The producer ensures that you will not struggle to look for an ideal size. One size of these nipple covers fit every breast size.  They also come in a nude color so that you wear them with any outfit when you are not tanning. The smooth edges of these covers give you a seamless look.

Sadly, these covers wrinkle while putting them on.


  • You can use them even if you have sensitive skin
  • They stay in the right position as long as you like


  • Removing them is not easy especially for beginners

4) Wingslove pasties

Wingslove Women 3Pairs Nipple Cover Adhesive Bra Reusable Silicone Pasties (Diameter...
  • Package with 3 Pairs Nipple Silicone Cover which Diameter 2.56inch (6.5cm).
  • Nude natural color, 100% pure imported silicone material. Thin, Light,hypoallergenic and Reusable...
  • With thinner petal edges for discreet coverage,best gift choice for yourself or your girlfriend.

Using the wrong nipple covers can lead to a lousy tanning experience. Choose Wingslove pasties that are known to be gentle on the skin. These are reusable covers that are easy to wash. They are made from 100% silicone material that makes them ideal for tanning.

They also contain a hypoallergenic adhesive that enhances the ability to stick on the nipples for long. The pasties also prevent issues such as itchiness during your tanning session. A package comes with three pairs of these nipple covers.

You will also like the nude color that this nipple covers come with. Unlike some of the nipple covers in the market, these are thin and light. The thin petal edges of Wingslove pasties give you discreet coverage.

They make you feel quite comfortable in your skin and protect your nipples from the intense UV rays of the sun during tanning. Proper use of these nipple covers can help you get the most out of them. Start by applying them on clean skin.

Though the natural color is impressive, it makes them easy to lose. You should ensure that you cover and store them safely. Once you use them for tanning, always put back the protector at the back of the pasties to preserve the adhesive for future tanning purposes.

Unfortunately, they don’t work well with sweat.


  • They are strong and sticky
  • The nipple covers can fit ladies with varying breasts sizes


  • You may notice a bit of curling on the edges
  • They are thin

5) Ayliss nipple covers

Ayliss 10Pairs Flower Pasties Breast Nipple Cover Stick on Bra Disposable Beige
  • New stick on pasties with adhesive backing,made from soft material.
  • Great for wearing under T-shirts, tanktops, offering a comfortable and safe converage.
  • Made of Satin,One Size Fits Most:7.5*7.5cm/2.95"*2.95".

Since the center part of the nipple is the most sensitive, you need to choose the best nipple cover for tanning. Ayliss nipple covers do not let you down since they come with a soft center that can keep you comfortable while sunbathing.

The package contains ten pairs of these nipple covers. Apart from the soft material used to make them, the nipple covers come with adhesive backing to enhance sticking on the surface of the breasts. You can also wear them under a tank top or t-shirt.

These are one of my favorite nipple covers for tanning since they stick well on my skin even when I am at the beach. I also use them when swimming without worrying about them getting off. Ayliss nipple covers also come in a flower shape which makes them look flashy on your nipples. They can boost your confidence as you tan nude.

Feel free to dispose of them after your tanning session. The adhesive backing is not too strong for multiple uses. Unfortunately, the nipple covers are not 100% smooth. If you are used to stretchy materials, you may not like these nipple covers. They have the flexibility and texture of the paper.


  • Large quantity
  • Removing them is easy


  • You may experience small creases between the petals as you put them on

A Guide to Helping you Purchase the Best Nipple Cover for Tanning

Tanning without covering your nipples can cause a burning sensation that can take some time to go away. You may even experience skin peeling if you have sensitive skin. Wrinkles around the nipples can affect your self-confidence. You can protect your skin from such problems in different ways. For instance, using sun protecting cream can boost protection before tanning. If you choose this method, ensure you wash off the cream then apply a moisturizer after tanning.

Though this can work, you should consider an easy way to protect your nipples during tanning. Purchase nipple covers that you can use for tanning. These not only keep off the UV rays from your nipples but also help you get an even tan. You don’t have to worry about having untanned areas under your bra straps.

They are also easy to use and wash. The method of tanning you prefer determines the type of nipple cover you should choose. While some of them are designed for a sunless tan, others are suitable for a suntan. You should use certain criteria for you to find the right nipple cover for tanning. Observe the following:

  • Safety

Always prioritize safety. When sunbathing, you should avoid using silicone nipple covers for long. These contain certain chemicals that can affect your skin when exposed to extreme heat. If you are using a tanning booth, silicone nipple covers may also not be ideal due to the intense UVB and UVA rays from the device. The material of the nipple covers should help you determine how safe they are on your skin.

  • Thickness

Do you prefer sunless tanning? You need to focus on the thickness of nipple covers. Thin nipple covers may not give you maximum protection when using bronzers or tanning lotions. You need to choose thick nipple covers that can prevent the tan from getting into contact with your nipples. Tanning solutions and sprays also contain harmful chemicals that can affect your nipples during exposure. In this case, choose silicone nipple covers for sunless tanning since they are thick.

  • Ability to stick

The best nipple cover for tanning should have a strong backing so that they don’t keep on falling off as your skin tans. Those that hold well can even be used under tank tops.

  • Size

The size of the nipple covers is significant. Choose one that can fit different breast sizes. Since most of them come in large quantity, you can even share them with a friend. Do not assume that a nipple cover will fit properly without checking the size. The right ones should be able to cover the nipples entirely.

  • Comfort

Nipple covers should be smooth so that you feel comfortable using them as you lie down under the sun. They should not irritate the skin or feel too rough on your delicate nipples. Feel the texture of the nipple covers and choose the ones that feel the softest.

Final thoughts

Whether you prefer tanning under the sun or use a tanning booth, you should use the best nipple cover for tanning. You can also use them during spray tanning. Most of the nipple covers for tanning come with sturdy materials that keep your nipples safe from excess heat.

After careful deliberation, we chose Braza petal tops as the winner. The package comes in the decent amount of pairs of nipple covers. It is made from cotton polyester and stretches well. It is water-proof and does not build up sweat. Do you see why you should choose it?

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