Best Self Tanning Wipes

Self tanning wipes are excellent solution for people who dont like spending time in sun. They are extremely easy to use and require less effort than other tanning method. 

Not only it is safer than sun tanning but also more convineant as you can use them while traveling.

The market is filled with wipes and finding the best one for you can be time consuming. To save time, we have compiled a list of best self tanning wipes in the market.

Lets start.

Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic 10 Count
Self Tanner, L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, Streak-Free, Natural Looking Tan,...
Comodynes Self Tanning Towelette Dispenser For Face and Body 30 Towelettes
Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic 10 Count
Self Tanner, L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, Streak-Free, Natural Looking Tan,...
Comodynes Self Tanning Towelette Dispenser For Face and Body 30 Towelettes
Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic 10 Count
Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic 10 Count
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Self Tanner, L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, Streak-Free, Natural Looking Tan,...
Self Tanner, L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, Streak-Free, Natural Looking Tan,...
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Comodynes Self Tanning Towelette Dispenser For Face and Body 30 Towelettes
Comodynes Self Tanning Towelette Dispenser For Face and Body 30 Towelettes
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  1. Tan towel self-tan towelette
Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic 10 Count
  • Exfoliate, Tan and moisturize all in one
  • Classic Size
  • 10 Towels Included

These self-tanning wipes are available in 2 different sizes and 2 different color variations for people with fair to medium and medium to dark skin tones. They’re formulated with a clear self-tanning formula that contains DHA which combines with the amino acids and proteins in your skin to give you a healthy and natural sun-kissed glow in just a few hours. These towelettes are easy to use and apply at home or while traveling for a quick and even application that will not leave your skin with streaks or orange color. 

If you have olive skin or medium to dark skin tone, you can use the Tan towel plus that contains both DHA and Erythrulose which will help you achieve a more natural darker color. You can also use these wipes on your face, but check to see the package you’re buying because they have both the small and large wipes. The small wipes can only cover about half of your body, but the larger ones can cover your entire body. These self-tanning wipes don’t have any guide color, so you can apply before going to bed and let the tan fully develop overnight.


  • Very easy to apply and use
  • You don’t need to wear gloves if you wash your hands after application
  • Gives you a natural-looking color
  • Has a pleasant scent
  • Has no streaks or stains


  • Easily comes off when you sweat
  • Uneven consistency in the amount of self-tanning liquid in each towel


Excellent self-tanning wipes that are easy to use at home to give you a natural-looking sun-kissed glow without spending so many hours in the sun. You can use them on olive skin, medium, or dark skin tones.

    2. L’Oreal Paris sublime bronze self-tanning towelettes

Self Tanner, L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, Streak-Free, Natural Looking Tan,...
  • L'OREAL PARIS SUBLIME BRONZE SELF-TANNING TOWELETTES: Convenient and easy to use, these Sublime Bronze Towelettes deliver a streak-free, natural looking tan....
  • SUNLESS TANNER: Formulated with Vitamin E and AHAs for a streak-free, natural-looking instant glow. Soft, smooth, sunless tan develops in 2-4 hours.
  • L'OREAL PARIS SELF-TANNERS: Our self tanners allow you to get a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow right at home. L'Oréal Paris sunless tanners are easy to apply and...

These high-quality self-tanning wipes are quite large so they will cover a larger area with just a single application. Each wipe contains a combination of vitamin E, alpha hydroxyl acid, with a self-tanner that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. These wipes are individually wrapped so you can just toss one in your bag and use it during your vacation if you want to add some color to your skin.

They’re non-tinted so they don’t have a guide color that will stain your clothes and sheets, and the best part is they dry very fast. These wipes are designed for your body and not your face and since they dry very fast, it’s advisable to apply them before going to bed so that the next morning you can wake up to a beautiful, deep, even tan that has no streaks or blotches. There are completely streak-free and mess-free and are perfect to use at home or on the go. Suitable for all skin types.


  • Gives you a great natural looking fake tan
  • It dries quickly and leaves no streaks
  • You only need to use one while on your entire body
  • Easy to use and have a mild scent


  • They’re expensive


These are individually wrapped self-tanning wipes that quickly dry on your skin to give you a natural-looking glow without any messes or streaks. They are large wipe so you only need a single application for your entire body and are recommended for your body and not your face.

    3. Comodynes self-tanning towelettes

Comodynes Self Tanning Towelette Dispenser For Face and Body 30 Towelettes
  • Self tanning towelette that adapts to the intensity of your tan to your natural skin tone.
  • Provides an even color. Excessively dark or orange color is avoided.
  • Contains a moisturizing complex, which helps to eliminate the risk of skin drying out. A combination of butylene glycol, which increases moisture retention in...

These sunless tanning towelettes Have Been formulated to give you a golden glow in just 3 hours of applying them. You get an even color that matches your natural skin tone without becoming too dark or leaving your skin with the orange color. They’re formulated with a moisturizer that keeps your skin well hydrated to avoid it drying out. It also contains butylene glycol that helps to lock in moisture in your skin’s epidermis to reduce dehydration by forming a thin protective layer on top of your skin, and ucon75h450, a polymer that forms a protective film and contains a mixture of glycols for a strong moisturizing effect. 

One wipe is enough to apply on your face, neck, and cleavage, but you can use one or two for the rest of your body. Ensure that you apply evenly on every part of your body, even behind your hands and legs, then wash your hands and wait for it to completely absorb into your skin before putting on your clothes.


  • Gives you a nice even, natural-looking tan
  • The wipes don’t give you an orange color
  • Doesn’t ruin or stain your clothes
  • Dries very quickly


  • Has a smell that may bother you especially during the warmer months


Sunless tanning wipes that dry very quickly and takes only 3 hours to give you a nice natural looking tan without any streaks or orange color. If you apply the wipes during the day when it’s warmer, you might notice a tan smell that might bother you, that’s why it’s better to apply it before going to bed.

    4. Somerville360 face and body self-tanning towelettes

Somerville360 Body Tanning Towelettes-16 pack Luxury Size (8 Pack)
  • EASY-TO-USE SELF TANNING TOWELS - These self-tanner towelettes contain an advanced moisturizing formula to let you easily wipe on a natural-looking tan and to...
  • QUICK DRYING TAN TOWELS FOR A HEALTHY LOOKING GLOW - Use these quick drying tan towels to get a healthy-looking tan effortlessly, without streaking or an...
  • A UNIFORM NATURAL TAN IN 2 TO 4 HOURS - The advanced formula in these self-tan towelettes darkens gradually to a beautiful, natural, and complimentary color...

The self-tanning wipes are the size of a sheet of paper which means you only need to use one wipe on your entire body for that natural healthy-looking tan with a gorgeous glow you’ve been looking for. These large wipes are very easy to use and contain a high-quality moisturizing self-tanner that helps your skin to achieve a darker tan in just 2-4 hours. You can use these wipes on all skin types and colors without worrying about the base you used. 

These wipes contain DHA to help develop that natural deep tan, vitamin E, and cucumber to soothe and condition your skin while keeping it moisturized. These wipes are paraben-free with no streaks that you can use on your face and body to produce a natural-looking tan with your individual skin tone. It dries quickly and doesn’t stain your clothes, towel, or sheets. Make sure to wash your hands after application to avoid having an orange color or uneven tan.


  • Gives you a nice natural color with an even tan
  • Doesn’t have a strong scent
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Doesn’t have a guide color which makes it hard to know where you haven’t applied


These are oversized self-tanning wipes that you can use to get that sun-kissed look without having to go to the sun. They’re easy to use wipes that are formulated with an advanced moisturizing formula to give you a gradually darker and even natural color.

    5. Ibiza sun organic self-tanner towelettes

Organic Self Tanner Natural Ingredients Sunless Tanning Wipes for Face & Body - Skin Friendly - Self...
  • 🌱ORGANIC & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our self tanner is purely skin friendly.🐰 PARABEN FREE and formulated with ORGANIC DHA, ORGANIC ALOE VERA and ORGANIC...
  • ✔️HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ECO TANNER- Nothing can be compared to the effectiveness of our Organic Self Tanning Towelettes! They are perfect for your Face & Body...
  • ☀️SUMMER TONE WITH JUST 1 TOWELETTE – Our towelettes are the easiest way to get a great looking summer tan. Quick drying ,clean application, no messy or...

These are self-tanning wipes that are made with organic ingredients including organic DHA, organic chamomile, and organic aloe vera that will protect your skin while getting a healthy summer tan without using any chemicals. These wipes are perfect to use on your face and body and for all skin types. In just a few hours you get a sunless natural tan without a self-tanning smell in just one application. The wipes are very easy to use and apply.

The tan dries quickly without leaving your hands messy or dirty because all you need is just to clean your hands with soap and water after application. The wipes come in a convenient resealable package that ensures the transparent liquid doesn’t dry out.


  • Has no smell
  • Keeps your skin moisturized
  • Doesn’t stain your clothes or sheets
  • Gives you an even tan


  • Might leave your skin with an orange color


Extremely soft and moisturizing self-tanning wipes that contain organic ingredients to give you a healthy and natural-looking tan with no chemicals.

What are self-tanning wipes?

These are simply facial or body wipes that have been packed with self-tanners to give you a fantastic deep tan with just a single application.

These wipes have been loaded with bronzers, intensifiers, DHA, and moisturizing ingredients to give you that golden tanned skin like you would get if you spent the whole summer on the beach.

The best part about tanning wipes is you don’t need to expose yourself to the harmful UV rays that can damage your skin.

How to use self-tanning wipes

Self-tanning wipes are easy to use because the actual applications take very little time. To get the best results you need to go through the same process as you would with other self-tanners. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your glow in no time.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate

If you have used a self-tanner before and gotten streaky results, it might be because you didn’t exfoliate beforehand which resulted in unevenness.

Even though self-tanners contain DHA that reacts with the amino acids in your dead skin cells that become darker to give you a tan, having excess dead skin cells when using a self-tanner can cause your tan to look blotchy and uneven.

So, you need to use a body scrub to get rid of all the dead skin. Pay more attention to some of the areas that tend to get dry and rough like your knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists because they absorb color faster.

These areas have natural bends and creases so the fine lines will most likely absorb more color and end up having a darker color than the rest of your body.

You could also shave before applying the self-tanner to help further exfoliate your skin and since the self-tanner will be on the outer layer of your skin, shaving after applying the self-tanner will cause it to fade faster and unevenly.

Also, if you’re planning on waxing, do it at least 48 hours before applying the self-tanner to avoid irritating your skin and the ingrown hairs.

  • Moisturize

Once you’ve exfoliated, get out of the shower and apply a hydrating moisturizer on your entire body and focus more on the drier areas like your elbows, ankles, knees, and wrists. These areas tend to dry faster and absorb more self-tanner to give them a darker look. Make sure the moisturizer is fully absorbed and dried before moving to the next step.

  • Apply the self-tanning wipes

Take a self-tanning wipe and spread it out on your body and apply it to your entire body and make sure you don’t apply too much on the drier areas. Also, remember your hands and feet absorb color quickly and they’re the parts of your body that are more exposed regardless of what you’re wearing.

  • Wash your hands

You must wash your hands immediately after application so that they don’t absorb too much self-tanner and end up darker than the rest of your body. If you’re using gloves you can skip this step. Rinse with soap to ensure your palms have the same color as the rest of your skin.

  • Let your self-tanner dry

When it comes to self-tanners, you need to be patient if you want a flawless looking tan. That’s why it’s important that you let it to fully dry which means you shouldn’t wear your clothes immediately after applying the self-tanner. If you do this, you will end up staining your clothes and a splotchy color.

After it has dried completely, you can wear loose clothes preferably dark to avoid rubbing off the tan or color coming off on your clothes. Also, avoid showering or sweating for a couple of hours that means no swimming, taking a bath, or getting a pedicure.

You can also decide to apply the self-tanner before going to bed to give it more time to process and develop. If you aren’t satisfied with the color in the morning, you can apply another self-tanning wipe to give you a darker color.

After 2-4 hours, you can take a shower to see the results and if you don’t like the color of your tan you can repeat the process every day until you achieve your desired tan. After achieving your perfect glow, use a self-tanning wipe once or twice a week to maintain the color.


Using self-tanners has become very popular because you don’t need to spend countless hours in the sun or tanning beds to get a beautiful sun-kissed glow.

You can use the best self-tanning wipes to achieve the same results in the comfort of your home or while traveling.

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